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The Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese

📌protects and promotes the value of its important historical wine heritage, in a land that is wine. Since time immemorial.

📌The Oltrepò Denomination
It is the hilly part of the homonymous area located south of the Po River and crosses the province of Pavia from West to East.

📌 So varied that... also typical
The Oltrepò Denomination is the third largest among Italian Denominations.

📌 An important production
More than 62% of Lombardy's wine is produced in the Oltrepò hills.

📌 Divine Oltrepò: an enviable wealth. Values and variables that make this land of wine unique: where the Pinot Nero finds its most frequent collocation and qualitative correspondence in the central Valle Scuropasso; the Croatina is well represented and organoleptically expressed in the centre and in the eastern end; the Barbera alternated with the Croatina is more present in the two western valleys; the Riesling more suited to calcareous soils, is more cultivated in the central Valle Coppa.

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📌In this cluster of wine land and since time immemorial, all the vines find excellent expression with a confirmed common characteristic that applies to the vines destined for ageing wines: the land, due to its ampelographic origin and geological nature, guarantees long and qualitative ageing. This is true for Pinot nero, it is also true for Riesling but in general for all wines.

📌Soft, harmonious hills have always promised a great deal of wealth through the work of the land, and these promises have been kept for these very evocative wine-growing areas, which are particularly appreciated by a new, slow wine tourism that seeks authentic stories and landscapes that are in keeping with the beauty of nature.

📌In this "regional field", the Oltrepò Pavese area asserts its leadership also for the variety of products offered.

📌Here is produced a wide range of wines of high quality and sure origin. A complete range that satisfies every eno-gastronomic combination from appetizer to dessert.

📌On the hills of Oltrepò the most representative vines are: Pinot Nero, Croatina, Barbera and Riesling but we could add: Uva Rara, Ughetta / Vespolina, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio, Cortese Bianco, Moscato, Malvasia and even Müller-Thurgau.

📌Very often the grape variety is identified - even in the name - with the wines of the Oltrepò Pavese. On these hills, made different also by the exposure and the nature of the soil, they become unique and unmistakable.

Read more here: https://www.consorziovinioltrepo.it/vini-vitigni/

Photo from a particular bunch of Oltrepo Pavese that contributed to the nomination of "champion of Italy" of Riesling renano Campo Dottore di Calatroni @calatronivini

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At the crossroads of four regions, the Oltrepò wine region, which curiously enough is drawn on the map in the shape of a bunch of grapes, boasts an enviable biodiversity.

📌Four valleys and four regions: the Oltrepò boasts four valleys oriented south-north: Valle Staffora, Valle Coppa, Valle Scuropasso and Valle Versa.

📌They link the marine Mediterranean climate of Liguria to the more continental one of Pianura Padana.


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From an in-depth study by @winenewsit

📌Italy ranks first among the most gourmet destinations in the world (49% of respondents), followed at a distance by France (22%) and Japan (16%), but it is also the most desired country in terms of tourism for 40% of the sample surveyed by Ipsos.

📌In particular, food and wine, fashion and art are considered the main ambassadors of our culture abroad.

📌In addition, quality food and wine are increasingly guiding tourists in their choice of destinations.

📌A wine tasting in a wine cellar, a tour in a cheese factory or a few days in a farmhouse are now decisive elements for as many as three Italians out of four.

#art #history #experiences #enogastronomy #quality wine #nature #biodivesity are all decisive ingredients to intercept the right tourist

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The photo by @lucianarota.press was taken at @isimbarda.vini 🍂

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📌With its 440 kilometres of hills and around 13,000 hectares of DOC (7 Doc and 1 Docg present), Oltrepò Pavese represents a heritage for national and international oenology.

📌A territory that accounts for about 65% of wine production in Lombardy - Third largest production area in the world of Pinot nero...

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Casteggio is home to one of the Doc wines (Casteggio Doc) of the Oltrepò Pavese. The first mention of viticulture in the Oltrepò comes from Strabone, who lived between 60 BC and 20 AD. Strabone, in 40 BC, documenting his passage through the Oltrepò wrote of "a good wine, hospitable people and very large wooden barrels".
The wine sector is promoted and protected by Consorzio , which was founded in 1961 as a voluntary association ( consorzio ) and became an institution in Pavia in 1977. Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese since 1977: its main purpose is the promotion, protection and supervision of the Denominazioni di Origine (designations of origin) produced in the Oltrepò area.

Photo Archive Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese

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📌Who imported vines into the Oltrepò is uncertain: some think that restless Aryan peoples from Armenia, Georgia and Mesopotamia found permanent settlement here by sea and river.
📌The clearest evidence of the presence of vines in Oltrepò dates back to 1876 (source: Bollettino del Comizio Agrario Vogherese), when a fossilised vine trunk, 25 cm long and 6 cm in diameter, was found near Casteggio (Clastidium).

photo Archive Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese

Link in cover www.consorziovinioltrepo.it

Food & wine
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A mosaic of colours, fiery reds and shades of ochre tinge the gentle slopes of the Oltrepò Pavese, a vast territory to be discovered from the first hills to the mountain peaks.

Here, on the sunny autumn hills, we are in the realm of Pinot nero and Croatina, from Valle Versa to Valle Staffora.

Small stone villages, perched here and there, are the perfect destination for the weekend to be lived slowly and with gusto.
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#discover beyondpowines
A chalice a journey through the seasons of a #oltrepodivino

And as #EleonoraLanzetti writes on #viaggi.corriere.it:

"For foliage enthusiasts, the ideal destinations to mark as stops (for trained legs) are the huts along the Via del Sale that crosses Mount Bogleglio, Pian della Ciappa and Laguione on Mount Bagnolo: the doors of these bivouacs are always open and the braziers ready to warm."

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Corks like mushrooms
Outside the cages of the Merano Wine Festival they have told stories of excellence and also speak of us, of a Land of wine ...

#shot from the gallery of @udosiebert8 #unodinoi even if from Berlin! 💚👏🥂

Wine sustainability is a journey that reduces the distances of culture sowing love for the history of the land! Cit LR
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Rows culminating where up there the sentinels ...

Shot by #MDidier

There is only one way to get more excited than this photo
Come to #Oltrepopavese
And taste the picture with a Denomination glass

And that's it!


Wine sustainability is a journey that reduces the distance of culture sowing love for the history of the land!


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The Giro d'Italia makes a stop in Oltrepo' Divino

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