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Weekend #Oltremito
E sei a posto !
Al posto giusto...
Ricetta facile : #BonardaDoc #Campari e fragole disidratate della @aziendamalbosca
Non manca nulla 🥃
#Campodelmonte #fratelliagnes

About to go online #sommelieradomicilio in #oltrepopavese 🎬
A contribution by @bubblesitalia
With @sissi_baratella 🥂
#pinotnero #oltrepopaveseDOCG #methodoclassico #bollicine #bollicineitaliane #vino #COltrepo #oltrepodivino

The potential of an extraordinary terroir #oltrepopavese 🥂
@bubblesitaliamagazine ✍️💙

Love is a wonderful toast in Oltrepò Pavese ❣️
Whatever is the shade inside your #diVino glass it will be the emotion to make you fall in love 🥂🍷
#sanvalentin 🧡❤️

You can call it... bubbles! But also #Bubbles and also #bubblesitalia and also ...
@sissi_baratella an authentic and competent smile able to conquer the #OltrepoDivino🥂💙


🥂🍷if two principles that dress the mantle of the Denomination of our #oltrepodivino (OP Pinot nero metodo classico DOCG and OP Bonarda Doc) meet on the Ponte del Diavolo in Cividale del Friuli... and make a man and a woman of wine happy...

❣️ means that wine is really an endless tale of journeys, of men and women on the road, and of the poetry of the earth 🥂🍷

#wine #iobevoitaliano #iobevolombardo #bevioltrepo #oltrepopavese #oltreDocg @calatronivini



👉 WHAT IT'S ABOUT New roads, new meetings of a Divine Oltrepò. That wants to shorten the distances speaking the same language: the language of the love for wine and of who makes it with passion.

🖥 ABOUT A WEBSITE AND ITS LANGUAGES The official website of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese, already in 4 languages, is proposed in a Japanese version edited by Mimma Coppola, JP translator and interpreter, consultant for Wine & Food training programs for Japanese operators.

🥂🍷Mimma Coppola is a passionate master sommelier of wine and oil.

📲UN INCONTRO DIGITALE The digital meeting will tell the reason why a site of a Consorzio Tutela Vini in the Japanese version. It will enter into the choice that brings us closer, also culturally, to the world of wine in Japan. Opening up a new avenue of communication.

🙌The digital event can be attended only after accreditation for the press and the wine industry through a zoom link (accreditation communication #ConsorzioTutelaViniOltrepoPavese

The meeting will be recorded and will be available through the website of the

Contacts and organization Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepo Pavese
Communication Coordination - Luciana Rota iPhone 392 1968174

Digital event management - Marco Tarantola ikkiLab

🎙L'Oltrepò Divino protagonist in the interviews to the captains of enterprise on Radio Rai Monday, February 1 at 7.20 am on Rai Gr Parlamento

👉see frequencies on the web or listen from or on digital terrestrial television

A special episode, in anticipation of the Recovery Plan, entirely dedicated to the Oltrepo Pavese area, focusing on stories of wine and food and the hospitality of wine tourism, marked by the theme of sustainability, innovation and the authenticity and history of a territory with a vocation for wine and food.

🤷♀️🥂Women of wine protagonists between manager and professionalism in this territory that reminds us geographically of a bunch of grapes.

🍽Leaded by Daniel Della Seta, journalist and food lover, deep and curious traveler, creator of the program "L'Italia che va..." the story of a bunch of Lombardy that proudly claims its quality and looks forward thanks to the work of young winemakers and a Consortium that protects a team.

🙌Monday, February 1 at 7.20 am approx.
Radio 1 Gr Parliament stay tuned 🎙

The wine roads are gentle curves that turn to black and white in winter. As in every season they tell of change. The mystery of Nature takes place in the vineyards. Which the work of man transforms into value. An infinite beauty that belongs to everyone. Quoted Anonymous
#oltrepodivino ph AAnglisani #anglisanifotografo #picoftheday #stradedelvino #oltrepòpavese

#Christmas greetings to share
#christmas2020 #oltrepodivino ❄️🌟⭐️🥂✨

Flipping through the album of 2020 going away ... #onlythingsbeautiful #beyondpodivine ...


📍The project of Valorization of the District EnoAgroalimentare Pavese is about to start
👉 Tomorrow's Oltrepò Pavese is born today 👈

Lombardy Region, Unioncamere Lombardy, Pavia Chamber of Commerce
In collaboration with the Oltrepò Pavese Consortium, the Oltrepò Pavese Wine District and the Historic Buttafuoco Club Consortium

📃They present the plan for the economic and wine tourism enhancement and territorial marketing of the Pavia wine and food sector.

👥The following spoke:

✅Giovanni Merlino, Extraordinary Commissioner of the Chamber of Commerce of Pavia;

✅ Fabio Rolfi, Councillor for Agriculture, Food and Green Systems, Lombardy Region;

✅Gilda Fugazza, President of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese;

Fabiano Giorgi, President of the Oltrepò Pavese Quality Wine District;

✅Marco Maggi, President of Consorzio Club Buttafuoco Storico.

🗣We look forward to seeing you live!

#welcomeoltrepo #oltrepopavese #oltrepo #live #diretta

The #auguribelli arrive this morning from #FeudoNico of MornicoLosana and they are food and wine wishes 🌟🥂
#oltrepodivino #christmas2020 #wishes #oltrepopavese

@torredeglialberispumanti makes our #auguribelli this year like this.
#biancoenero #spumanti #oltrepodivino🥂🌟✨❄️⭐️

#auguribelli come from @contevistarino #natale2020 we wish each other like this too and it's hugs #divini🥂 🌟⭐️✨
#oltrepopavese #oltrepodivino #wine #vinoitaliano #madeinoltrepo #natale #festenatalizie #auguries

#IlGiorno uncorks Lombardy bubbles and other excellences in its #Christmas2020 special
#PaoloGalliani Il Giorno ✍️💙👏
@il__giorno #qn #christmas #wine #vinoitaliano #vinolombardo

#repost #wishes⭐️🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨Luzzano Castle's wishes for all of you/us ...

This year we wish each other well ...

This year we'll wish each other well...
Send us a photo / post with your Christmas wishes to share in our community
You can wish us with a picture of yourself or send us a greeting card ✍️
You can post only one photo of your Christmas, Product, Vineyard, Winery, you that you toast with whoever you want even alone ... but what matters is to toast with the designations of OltrepoPavese🥂 .
You can send us your message via messenger to the FB Page of the Consortium here
You can post here on IG and we will share it🤙 .
Either way, this is a collective hug and full of toast ✨ .
We collect wishes for an #oltrepodivino and send dear wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone: members, friends, divulgers, winelovers.... 🥰🙏🏽
The Communication staff of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese

Stories of excellence in Oltrepo Pavese
Told by the pen of @lucianoferraro

✍️ this time the Corriere della Sera guides us to the butterflies of Ballabio
Ballabio Winery 🥂

@ferraroluciano @mattia_nevelli @ballabiowinery

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Thanks and sources

Photos: Ersaf Archive / Lombardy Region, Archive Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò, Mario Didier, Luciana Rota.

Bibliography: I vini dell'Oltrepò Pavese, by Adriano Ravegnani, publisher Mazzotta (1974), Storie e vini dell'Oltrepò by Mario Maffi and Lorenzo Nosvelli, Edo editions (2008), Edizioni Bibenda, Vino al vino by Mario Soldati, publisher Mondadori (2006), Signori del vino by Marcello Masi and Rocco Tolfa, by Rai Libri (2016).

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