l Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò welcomed Carlo Veronese, a new director installed in the Riccagioia office in Torrazza Coste (PV), effective September 2, 2019. The president of Consorzio Oltrepò, Luigi Gatti with the entire board of directors, sent a message of welcome and good work to the new director who says he is passionate about the project to relaunch dell’Oltrepò wine...

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors and also in my personal capacity as well as president of Consorzio I wish Carlo Veronese well in his work - says Luigi Gatti, president of Consorzio - Veronese is a professional, expert, with not only technical but also organizational and human skills that are rare, a man able to see beyond and understand the positive challenges that are made available to us by the ... land, a wealth that Carlo knows how to make the most of. The preponderant productive reality of Lombardy, in the field of viticulture and oenology, the history of wine that belongs to these lands, the values of the craft of those who have been making wine for centuries and also of those who have been approaching this ambitious project with passion for a few years, like so many capable young people dell’Oltrepò, are the right ingredients that convinced Carlo to accept this commitment that is triggered by the most important season in the world of wine.

Carlo Veronese, appreciated in the world of Italian viticulture and oenology for having protected, promoted and enhanced Lugana in many years of serious and passionate work, first as a producer and then as director of consorzio, said he was enthusiastic about this new role: I will put the same passion and perhaps even something more for my Lugana, a project that has given me great professional and human satisfaction. There is the history of wine and the charm of the hills that win you over at a glance. More so than in other places where you have to invent the story. Now a new journey begins.

The Consorzio of Wine Protection dell’Oltrepò Pavese with September 2019, considered among the key months for the world of wine, has therefore concluded with satisfaction an agreement with the new director Veronese, who is facing a process of change started a few months ago, with the involvement of Regione Lombardia and its technical body Ersaf, promoter of the Tavolo Oltrepò del vino project, embarking on a new path involving new people and new mindsets. Above all, there is a desire to bring together those who want to do well and seriously for the Territory, a divine Oltrepò that is fully aiming for its Renaissance.