The toast of the beginning of the harvest also arrived in Oltrepò, at Tenuta Mazzolino, with Regione Lombardia announcing through its councillor for agriculture Fabio Rolfi a regional observatory on the wine list. Rolfi also underlined the expectations of 2019 production, aiming more at quality than quantity.

The grape harvest has started in Oltrepò, and Lombardy's Agriculture Councillor Fabio Rolfi wanted to be present at Tenuta Mazzolino at the start along with, among others, the future director of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese Carlo Veronese. For this year, the estimate is for a 20 percent lower production than last year but of good quality.

We don't have to chase quantity, but quality', our first objective must be to position our bottle higher in price, thanks to the value of the product," said Rolfi, explaining that in the coming months the Region will start a Regional Wine List Observatory to understand the positioning of our labels in the Milan wine lists.

The production in hectolitres of last year's harvest in Lombardy exceeded 1.572 million hectolitres of 'finished wine' (+55.03% compared to the unfortunate harvest in 2017).

Carlo Veronese, director of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò accepting with enthusiasm the challenge for a Territory of value, also said: The official start of the grape harvest is always exciting because it promises the future of wine. I am delighted that this year Fabio Rolfi has chosen Oltrepò to kick off what is in some ways the winemaker's most important season. The grape harvest is in fact the start of a project that is more important than ever for this area because it aims to regain leadership in quality and authenticity with its historic and leading products that have always represented the variety and unique potential of these wine hills.