When the Voghera pepper meets a glass of Oltrepò... How many wine regions can afford to combine a glass, one different from the other, with a different gastronomic interpretation of the Voghera pepper (Slow Food Presidium)?

The divine Oltrepò can do it and did so during the event organized by Belturismo, Unioncamere, in collaboration with Slow Food Oltrepò Pavese and the Selvatico restaurant. An event that has brought (a lot of people) tourists and tasters to visit the Castle of Voghera promoting food and wine excellence of the area. So the Voghera Pepper toasts with Otrepodivino and the rest of the quality and taste makes it, for example, a risotto dish cooked with art and tradition by the legendary Piera Selvatico of the Restaurant of Rivanazzano Terme. But the combinations did not end there because there was much more on the tasting table.

An ideal initiative that enriches the market exhibition of agricultural products of the territory, in particular Voghera pepper, now in its third edition with the aim of bringing back to a provincial city an enhancement of its history, tradition and culture.

The old Voghera to be tasted... when every morning from the vegetable gardens located beyond the Ponterosso and in the area of via Verdi the horse-drawn carts that brought agricultural products to the covered market of via Don Minzoni left.