This was said by Fabio Rolfi, Lombardy regional councillor for Agriculture, Food and Green Systems at the end of the regional council meeting held this afternoon at Palazzo Lombardia. As part of the agreement for economic development and competitiveness signed between Regione Lombardia and the Lombardy Chamber system, the region has in fact approved an allocation for the supply chain project aimed at revitalizing and promoting wine production dell’Oltrepò pavese.

The total planned expenditure is 200 thousand euros, divided equally between Regione Lombardia and the Pavia Chamber of Commerce. They will be used to pursue the goal of upgrading the production of wines dell’Oltrepò Pavese, in order to relaunch the entire territory with a view to territorial marketing, starting with agri-food production in collaboration with the Consorzio of protection and promotion dell’Oltrepò Pavese and to plan promotion and marketing activities together with the territory by providing a study of the initial positioning, a plan of actions on the national territory, incoming activities and the evaluation of the outcomes.

Every piece is falling into place. Now it's up to the producers and the territory. It is crucial for us to have a single consorzio to relate to, a single voice of Oltrepadana wine production. Now the goal is to position dell’Oltrepò wine where it deserves concludes Rolfi. (source Regione Lombardia DV)