Riccagioia di Torrazza Coste (PV), 30 November 2019 - It will be a Merano Wine Festival under the banner of the bubbles of Oltrepò that of 2019. #OltrepoDoc is the toast that will resonate inside and outside the international wine fair that opens on November 8th and for 5 days, until Tuesday November 12th, will give emotions and international contacts to wine makers and wine lovers from all over the world. Oltrepò included.

In Merano there will be a massive presence of the wines dell’Oltrepò, a compartment that boasts history and a wealth of value in the Lombardy wine region (it makes up 62 percent of wine production in the region), which is headed more than ever for recognition and renaissance especially in terms of quality. In the magical atmosphere of Merano's Kurhaus, the territory's wilde cards will be present, wineries selected for quality by the international review, which has invited the following to this edition: Cà di Frara, Ballabio, Podere Bignolino, Prime Alture and La Piotta, Monsupello, and Travaglino.

The Consorzio di Tutela dell’Oltrepò will be present in every way at this bubbly edition of the Merano Wine Festival, an event that embraces the entire beating heart of this fantastic city, renewing an enthusiasm for showcase, tasting, comparison and experience-international events-on the route of quality Italian wine, strong from the positive outcome of a month ago at the successful, twinned Milan Wine Week 2019 event. Oltrepodivino will live inside the Gourmet Arena, from November 8 to 11, with an exhibition space animated for the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese by eleven companies excelling in the Territory. They are: Torre degli Alberi, Castello di Stefanago, Tenuta Quvestra, Bertè and Cordini, La Versa, Tenuta Elisabet, Cantine Cavallotti, the Club del Buttafuoco Storico, Maggi Francesco, Cà del Gè and Lefiole .In the Fuorisalone Area dedicated to the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò, throughout the duration of the event our Martinotti Method and Metodo Classico bubbles will be offered in combination with typical local products such as Salame di Varzi DOP. That's not all: Oltrepò will also participate in the Charity Wine Masterclass - Oltrepò: nuances of Pinot Nero - scheduled on Saturday, November 9, 2019 from 5 to 6 pm, in the magnificent Hotel Terme di Merano. The tasting will be led by journalist Mauro Giacomo Bertolli with the director of Consorzio Carlo Veronese.

The waltz of Pinot Noir nuanceswill feature these labels in the tasting for an experience to be remembered in time: Ballabio - Farfalla Brut Zero Dosage, VSQ sparkling wine sans annèe, Giorgi Top Zero sparkling wine Classic Method VSQ Pàs Dosè, Cà di Frara - T4 Rosè Pas Dosè - VSQ sparkling wine Sans Annèe, Scuropasso, Roccapietra Cruasè - Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico DOCG 2012, Conte Vistarino Costa del Nero, Pinot Nero DOC 2017, Bisi Calonga, Pinot Nero IGT 2016, Tenuta Mazzolino, Noir Pinot Nero DOC 2015, Frecciarossa Giorgio Odero, Pinot Nero DOC 2014.

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This is it, after Milan Wine Week, here is the second international wine showcase dell’Oltrepò. An appointment that allows us to focus our attentions - ours and those of a very select audience of winelovers - on the typicality and value of the bubbles of Oltrepò, said Carlo Veronese, director of Consorzio.

Whether it's the Martinotti method or the Metodo Classico, the common trait that distinguishes us is Pinot Nero and its quality, in all its nuances, some of which are not yet fully known and which I'm sure will win over even the most discerning palates, continues Carlo Veronese, The moment is favourable, the road to quality is a goal that unites us all and in this review we can feel this cohesion more than ever, inside and outside the fair. Not to be missed is the programme of the Merano off-show, which will allow us to make known directly to various targets, including young people, the goodness of a territory expressed by the bubbles of a single grape, traditional and typical, such as that of Pinot Nero.

Just in these days, on the eve of the second event that counts with the world of wine, the Merano Wine Festival, comes the confirmation by the Ministry of the reached Erga Omnes l'Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico DOCG and Bonarda dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC, Oltrepò Pavese DOC, Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Grigio DOC , Sangue di Giuda DOC which allows us to implement the role of promotion, protection and supervision of production in the territory as a Consorzio of protection must do, said President Luigi Gatti.

The erga omnes - explains Luigi Gatti - allows us to promote and protect the production of the entire denomination without distinction between members and non-members of Consorzio. This is an important step that gives seriousness and value to the activity of Consorzio , which in recent months has been working with great concentration to pursue important objectives shared by the Board of Directors.

Download the press kit and the program of the fuorisalone HERE and HERE