After Amsterdam also Munich. They are bubbles in music and are those of our Oltrepò Docg, Oltrepò divino on tour. For and with the Ghislieri Choir and Orchestra, on the occasion of the Pavia Chamber of Commerce event in Amsterdam, and with the Pavia Soloists, in concert in Munich in the Court Church of the Munich Residence. And first: a toast to the Munich Armani Caffè!

The excellence of the Oltrepò classic method is definitely on tour. If on Saturday 16th November the bubbles delighted the glasses for the Ghislieri Choir and Orchestra in the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, in one of the most prestigious concert halls in Europe, on Monday 18th November it was the turn of Munich.

Here is a new prestigious event organized with a tasting of typical products and bubbles of Oltrepò. An evocative and fashionable location, the Monaco Armani Caffè, which saw an evening combining bubbles and Oltrepò wines in ... concert with the excellence of our classical music. The occasion was the evening entitled In the Residence of the Dukes and Kings , with the Soloists of Pavia, away in Germany for a concert in the Court Church of the Residence of Monaco, nineteen soloists conducted by Enrico Dindo in concert. And an auspicious toast introduced by the president of Consorzio Vini Oltrepò Luigi Gatti who said among other things:

When we present our excellence abroad we always receive in return a series of stimuli and satisfactions that are not expected and not at all taken for granted. The glasses of fine bubbles and persistence of our Pinot Nero The glasses of fine bubbles and persistence of our wines speak of quality more than words, which are more and more passionate for a story of ours and of others to promote a historical territory for viticulture that we will never end to enhance all together, as we must, so that the Oltrepò wine-growing and wine-producing area returns to be central in the increasingly international world of wine.