Regione Lombardia has chosen to go back to producing its own wine, or rather its own wines. Where? In Riccagioia, the headquarters of Consorzio. Since this year, as part of the 'Oltrericcagioia' project, a 30-year-old oenologist, Stefano Torre, has produced, using the vineyards of Torrazza Coste, in Oltrepo', on the Riccagioia estate, owned by the Region, a 'Spumante metodo classico', a 'Spumante metodo Martinotti' from grapes of Pinot Nero, a 'Bianco fermo', a 'Rosso Olterpo', a 'Pinot nero vinificato in rosso' and a 'Passito'.

CIRCULAR AND SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY MODEL - An action carried out under the direction of ERSAF (Ente Regionale per i Servizi all'Agricoltura e alle Foreste) which proposed the application of a circular and sustainable economy model. The harvesting and vinification operations were in fact carried out in the wine cellar of the estate across the Padana.

Not only that, the oenologist who selected them, completed his university studies in Riccagioia when the company was running the degree courses in 'Viticulture and Oenology' at the University of Milan. A model that gave excellent results given that experts in the sector who tasted the product in advance defined it as "of excellent sensory qualities and highly representative of the native varieties of the area".

REGIONAL VISITING TICKET - For its quality, the Region has chosen these wines as a business card and as promotional tools for the upcoming Christmas holidays. ERSAF, for its part, has elected it as a 'self made' product as explained by the Councillor for Agriculture, Food and Green Systems Fabio Rolfi: "We believe a lot in wine as a product of excellence in the distinctiveness of Lombard agriculture and in the Oltrepo' as an extraordinary territory to be enhanced. I have had a preview of the products and the quality is excellent. Applying the Region's logo on the labels and using these bottles as institutional gifts shows how credible the project for the wines produced in Riccagioia is and how concrete our commitment in Oltrepo' is".

IMPORTANT PRODUCTION - Particularly interesting, in this restarted production, are the 'Bianco fermo', called 'Gioiello', in which there are 15 types of white grapes of the Pavia area and the 'Passito' coming from grapes selected in the vineyard and dried on racks in the greenhouse inside the company. From 2021, then, it will be possible to taste the Spumante Metodo Classico. The products will not be on sale.(Lnews)