We receive and publish the Mipaaf press release concerning the allocation of funds to support agricultural enterprises, which specifies the measures for the food chain in the Dl approved on 16 March 2020. Mipaaf, Bellanova: Good food is essential. Liquidity and support for workers and businesses. Thanks to the sector for what it is guaranteeing the country. (source Federdoc | Mipaaf)

A 100 million fund to support agricultural enterprises, and for the temporary cessation of fishing activity. An allocation of EUR 100 million to facilitate access to credit for agricultural and fisheries undertakings. An increase from 50% to 70% in advance payments of CAP contributions to farmers, totalling over €1 billion.
Supplementary redundancy fund for all agricultural and fisheriesworkers and protection for seasonal workers without continuous employment relationships. Allowances for fixed-term agricultural workers.
Increase in the indigent fund by 50 million euros to ensure the distribution of food, in addition to the 6 million already allocated in recent days to the purchase of raw milk, in accordance with the Food Waste Table.
Suspension of installments until 30 September for mortgages and other loans repayable in installments, including those completed through the issue of agricultural bills of exchange.
Strengthening of the Fund for the promotion of Italian agri-food abroad.

These are the measures aimed at the food supply chain provided for in the decree approved today by the Council of Ministers, to which are added those of an overall nature relating to workers and the suspension of tax, social security and welfare payments. Such as the 100 euros for workers who continue to work in March, including all those in the food chain. And support for families, from extraordinary parental leave to voucher baby sitting.

Liquidity and support for workers, companies and people who are more fragile with the expansion of the Fund for the Most Deprived: these are the directions along which we have moved to ensure the supply chain at this essential time for the country, together with the health care sector, so Minister Teresa Bellanova. We have thousands of entrepreneurs in difficulty but who produce, cultivate, breed animals, fish and process food. Good food is essential and we must be grateful to the entire food chain for what it is doing and will continue to do.

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