We take up and report a news from FAIcredito - Fondo Abattimento Interessi Interessi per micro, small and medium enterprises that informs how the Lombard Chambers of Commerce and Region have moved to prevent the liquidity crisis of Lombard companies caused by the health and economic emergency Covid-19. An extraordinary measure has been promoted to obtain liquidity aimed at supporting companies to overcome this difficult phase and ensure continuity in their activities. The total resources made available amount to 11.6 million euros. The Chamber of Commerce of Pavia allocates 800,000 euros to help Pavia companies obtain liquidity.

TO WHO IS REVOLVED | Lombardy MPMIs that have signed a loan agreement for liquidity operations with a minimum value of € 10,000 and a minimum duration of 12 months starting from 24 February.

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CONTRIBUTION | The measure provides for a non-repayable contribution to reduce the pricing of bank loans granted for liquidity operations of a minimum amount of EUR 10,000.00 and a minimum duration of 12 months. The calculation of the benefit will take into account the periodicity of the maturity of the repayment plan, considering as eligible the maximum term of 36 months also for contracts of longer duration. The financing contracts, which can be guaranteed by a Consorzio credit guarantee, must be concluded as from 24 February 2020. The subsidy consists in the reduction of interest up to 3% and in any case up to a maximum limit of €5,000 calculated on a subsidisable value of the loan up to €100,000 (also in the case of loans of a higher amount). Coverage of 50% of the guarantee costs of a Confidi up to EUR 1,000 is also recognised. Only loans with a rate applied by the financial intermediary up to a maximum of 5% are eligible.

HOW TO APPLY | Applications must be submitted exclusively by electronic means with digital signature on the website http://webtelemaco.infocamere.it/ from 10:00 on 29 April until 12:00 on 30 October 2020. The application may be submitted directly by the companies or through the Confidi. In order to send the application electronically, it is necessary to be registered with Telemaco's consultation and submission services according to the procedures available at: http://www.registroimprese.it/. Registration must be requested at least 48 hours before the closing of the application.

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