Press Release of 29.05.2020 | The Board of Directors of Consorzio changes its top management and promotes important actions for the Territory, a fundamental wine reality for Lombardy.

Riccagioia di Torrazza Coste (Pv), May 29, 2020 - After approving the budget, voting on the Statute and Regulations, the Board elects Gilda Fugazza as new president and welcomes to the team as a director Massimo Ornaghi, former director of Ersaf-Regione Lombardia, creator of a reunification of the Oltrepadana wine sector that includes historical and prestigious realities with an important present and a history "at the origins of wine".

All promotional activities of Consorzio are also starting according to a very digital and innovative Territory communication plan aimed at product and wine tourism promotion. "The work of these weeks carried out by the Board of Directors of Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese has resulted in several novelties. - said Gilda Fugazza new president - As first we thank Luigi Gatti for the work he has done and we welcome formally as well as substantially Massimo Ornaghi, who at the input of regional councillor Fabio Rolfi, a friend dell’Oltrepò Pavese, has been the creator of a new flow of consensus among the wineries and supply chain companies and in recent months has dedicated a lot of time and expertise to us. A team path begins here, I would like to emphasize, very pragmatic and very intense. There are many things to be done and they are the ones who have to speak about the Territory for the Territory."

Gilda Fugazza continues: "After approving the balance sheet and continuing with the reorganisation work, we have the promotional activities of Consorzioin front of us and thanks to the Project #OltrepoDivino, proposed by our director Carlo Veronese, the lines that will guide us for the relaunch of the entire wine production chain are now clear: pragmatism, innovation, sustainability and quality, as well as the indispensable closer relations between the wineries. In this way we launch the Project of a "Divine" Oltrepò that has all the cards to win even in a general moment of great difficulty post-pandemic".

Among the promotional activities, in addition to participation in upcoming events dedicated to the world of wine such as Milano Wine Week and Merano Wine Festival 2020, a series of digital initiatives and training, communication services for wineries and supply chain companies, including accommodation, will be activated in the coming weeks. Synergic initiatives will be carried out with all local and regional authorities and associations, also promoting a wine tourism "product" in step with the times, according to the guidelines dictated by post Covid19.

The first digital appointment is set for June 17, 2020, at 2 p.m., when, in collaboration with Microsoft Italia and its technology partner SI-NET, an Oltrepò Digital Talk will be proposed, with Consorzio as the leader of a training initiative on digital for the world of wine, to which all the Consortia of Lombardy and interested parties will be invited. The initiative is part of the national activity of Microsoft "Ambition for Italy for SMEs" #DigitalRestart.

WHO GILDA FUGAZZA IS - Gilda Fugazza, 52, a degree in Economics and Business from Bocconi, has belonged to a wine family for at least three generations, at the crossroads of two historical regions for the wine world: Lombardy and Emilia, as owner of Azienda Vitivinicola Mondonico, in the municipality of San Damiano al Colle. A certified public accountant until 2018, first at Studio Pirola in Milan, then in his own professional practice in Milan, with experience gained mainly in corporate and tax services for multinational companies, he has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese since July 2019, but has been involved in the activities of Consorzio for as long as he can remember and in those of the Quality Wines District since 2012. She works daily in Oltrepò Pavese taking care of the activities of the wine production chain and is one of the most attentive supporters of quality wine in this historic "cluster" of Lombardy.

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