Have you ever tried a cocktail that in Milan can go much ... further? In the District Eustachi Perle d'Oltrepò Pavese the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese has invited bartender Sergio Daglia for a LIVE COCKTAIL PERFORMANCE (Al Tagliando, from 5 p.m.) with which he will perform by offering two "highlights" from his repertoire: the consolidated Spritz Pavese, and a new interpretation of the "mythical" MiTo - Milano Torino, revisited in an Oltrepò key: thus OLTREMITO was born, a cocktail on the route of Milan, Turin but also Genoa and Piacenza. An hour or so away from the hills of a Divine Oltrepò all to be discovered. Even with an aperitif! The novelty is being launched at AL TAGLIANDO on Via Eustachi in Milan, one of the 10 venues showcasing the pearls of Oltrepò in goblets to be tasted during Milan Wine Week 2020 from October 3 to 11.

In the #MWW2020 Milano da bere della #MWW2020 an aperitif is born that smiling a little bit with the lightness it serves in these cases will take you ... Beyond. It is a cocktail that promises a trip, to be organized without too many thoughts, because only one hour from Milan, in Oltrepò Pavese, from where, by the way, the road can continue to Turin. Beyond: Milan, Turin. Cocktail of words.

This is the birth of OltreMiTo, a new version of the famous Milan-Turin, known in the North as Mito, two cities united by two ingredients: Vermouth and Campari, which in the Oltre version become Bonarda and Bitter (Campari), a pop wine from the hills of Oltrepò that goes well with a young, fun cocktail glass that plays with the promotion of a territory that has always been home to wine.

The recipe is simple. Then it's up to the bartender's interpretation to aim high on the result, explains Sergio Daglia, who had fun thinking up this new cocktail to accompany the Spritz Pavese, in that case based on Rosé from O.P. Pinot Nero. They are two very different proposals that differ not only in colour but also in sensory experience, because a cocktail really does involve all the senses: from colour to nose to palate... to pleasure. On the one hand intense red, on the other rosé (or white if you use a classic method bubbly).

The Pavese Spritz has had its own success, explains the director of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese Carlo Veronese-with this creative idea by Sergio Daglia we have one more cocktail to play at a counter that also brings young people closer to the world of wine. OltreMiTo contributes to the telling of a new Territory story. Bonarda pop indulges at a Milanese aperitivo and is another good opportunity to make our flagship wines known.

Spritz Pavese | 10cl O.P. Pinot nero vinified in sparkling rose; 4cl elderflower syrup; 3 drops of Fego violet liqueur; Lemon and orange peel and rosemary decoration.
OltreMiTo | 4cl bitter; 4cl OP Bonarda; Dehydrated raspberries and strawberries

SERGIO DAGLIA: "A cocktail is not only composed by the union of its components, but there are many other things that make it better ... the smile of the barman, his handling the speeches with customers and friends, the music in the background, the passage of a beautiful girl, her good smell, the low lights and the buzz of people. That's why this is a real cocktail, the set of things, tastes and smells that give you something, something more. A cocktail can go a lot... beyond!"

Sommelier and head bartender, Sergio Daglia is a lecturer at Consulman in Turin, a food and wine teacher for the S. Chiara Institute in Tortona (Al), and also teaches bar techniques and room management at the mandatory training courses of the Pavia and Voghera Merchants Ass. . With his restaurant La Dahlia Selvatica in Rivanazzano Terme (PV), a branch of the old Locanda Il Selvatico, he has collaborated in the Food Community project dell’Oltrepò Pavese, as a supporter of typical local products. He took part in the Sky program "I know a little place" with Riccardo Rossi and in 2019 presented his Spritz dell’Oltrepò" at the opening of the F1 Monza Grand Prix. He is room manager at the Selvatico Restaurant in Rivanazzano Terme (PV) of the Selvatico Hotel in Rivanazzano (PV).

THE WINE OF TRADITION IN OLTREPO': BONARDA! - Bonarda dell’Oltrepò Pavese: is the wine of tradition, a Doc since 1970, from grapes of Croatina (85% - 100%) jointly with Barbera, Ughetta/Vespolina and Uva Rara (15% max). These are clear, ruby-red wines with violet hues, bright and of medium to good texture. The nose is fine, intense, penetrating and vinous, with fruity notes of morello cherry and blackberry. The taste is balanced between dry and round sensations and is slightly tannic with medium-long aromatic persistence."

THAT BITTER OWN ... CAMPARI - A history of the province of Pavia. Born in Cassolnovo on 12 March 1828, Gaspare Campari, thanks to his studies and experiments, discovered some liqueurs with an innovative taste and an extravagant name: Elisir di Lunga Vita, Rhum Oil, Liquote Rosa. To have an extraordinary success has among the liqueurs the Bitter to the use of Holalanda, which becomes so popular that it deserves the nickname Bitter of Mr. Campari: hence the final name, Bitter Campari! To this Lord of Lomellina we owe the invention of the aperitif! He died in Milan in 1882.

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