The communication project #OltrepoDivino becomes a good practice to be proposed to a workshop coordinated by the Gal of Como, which aims to create and disseminate good practices for the construction of a governance system for rural tourism of a sporting nature.

The Laboratory, after having been presented at the Leader 2020 Forum in Lanciano, proposed a series of digital meetings of the LAB with the aim of creating and disseminating good practices for the construction of a system of governance of rural tourism in sport. The meeting presenting our case hostory - traced as good practice, as an example, through digital communication, is scheduled for Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 from 2.30 pm.

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5D 8058Each meeting involves the sharing of good practices collected on the theme and a moment of dialogue between the participants and involves a significant number of Gal and stakeholders. At the end of the planned meetings will continue, with a view to participatory development, in the drafting of the vademecum exposed at the Forumproviding a series of points with the necessary actions to create a dynamic of active tourism in rural areas.

Each element inserted has a theoretical trace and a practical connection with the tourist experiences collected in these months so that the vademecum is really useful to give indications to build a tourist offer of sport type concerted at a territorial level and shared by the various actors.

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The good practices collected tell us about systems of governance of the tourism product, which have led to a sustainable and concerted territorial development between several public and private actors, as explained by the territorial animator Eleonora Gini, from Lake Como Gal who coordinates this workshop. Here is the program of the event of 25 November 2020:

14.30 Greetings and presentation of the Valtellina Wine Trail | Three intersecting distances in the territory of Valtellina. The 2019 edition counted 2500 international runners registered. The beauty of the territory in which the route of the race unfolds, together with the culture and gastronomic delicacies represent a strong attraction even outside the borders of our country. Michele Rigamonti, A.S.D. Valtellina Wine Trail

15.15 Egadi Islands. From seaside tourism to new environmental tourism | The Egadi Islands Marine Protected Area, in collaboration with Vivilitalia, has launched a series of initiatives to promote sports and sustainable tourism such as cycling, trekking, climbing, surfing and sailing, kayaking, swimtrekking and seawatching. The aim is to diversify the offer and consequently to deseasonalize tourist flows.
Sebastiano Venneri, President Vivilitalia

15.45 Oltrepò Divino | The perfect example of how cycling, tourism and food and wine can come together to create a new, slower and more intelligent way of experiencing the area. The fil rouge is history, the history of cycling with great races and great victories, and the history of wine, a tradition dating back to 40 BC.
Giuseppe Bufalino - Director of the Mountain Community Oltrepò Pavese, Elisabetta Antoniazzi - Director of Plan F.F. GAL Oltrepò Pavese and Carlo Veronese - Director Consorzio of protection of wines Oltrepò Pavese.

16.15 Slovenia, an active holiday destination | The Karst plateau brings to mind unspoilt natural landscapes with underground cavities where clear watercourses sometimes flow. Nature parks with a focus on land conservation and environmental sustainability. Active tourism and culture intersect in winning proposals for the development of Slovenia's territory.
Aljoša Ota, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board - Italy


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