Oltrepo Pavese 4.0, wine is innovation. A few news items on the topic of Agriculture 4.0, for an increasingly innovative, digital and sustainable Oltrepò Pavese wine. Let's take a look at Digital Tax with Gilda Fugazza (from an article published in Wine Couture) and the EU Single Customs Window with Federvini.

Digital tax, innovation and wine: reflections around a stop - Wine Couture with this article explores an important topic that leads us into the world of rules for the distribution of wine.

What is the Digital Tax, timing, suspensions, evaluations. And above all, an argument about the topic and the topicality of the news (the postponement of the deadline for payments related to the digital services tax for 2020, from February 16 to March 16, 2021, and of the deadline for the submission of the related declaration, slipped from March 31 to April 30, 2021). Gilda Fugazza, president of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese, who offers a knowledgeable and timely perspective.

Fair rules and evaluation of the time of the Pandemic, are essential elements as explained by the entrepreneur spokeswoman of the Society of Consorzio: In introducing the digital tax the legislator has tried to diminish the competitive advantage that have had to say internet companies based abroad, in particular States, and that sell on Italian territory - explains Gilda Fugazza - the tax on revenuesfrom digital services above all the will to protect the Italian distribution entities that products sell in our country.

Although we are talking about market values that are not comparable, in this period of pandemic we nevertheless welcome this temporary suspension, which avoids the risk of having to review sales strategies on the American market, thus continuing to reinforce the value of our wines and our territory. Read more on WINECOUTURE (read the full articlehere ).

SPORTELLO DOGANALE UNICO | A note from Federvini elaborates on the project of the Single Customs Window. The European Commission is working on the Single Customs Window of the European Union (here is the news with useful links from the website of Federvini.it). In summary: in the framework of the action plan on the customs union presented at the end of September by the European Commission, a proposal for a regulation for the creation of an EU single customs windowwas presented a few days ago.

More precisely, the one-stop shop, according to the Commission's proposal, is a digital solution for rapid and efficient sharing of electronic data between the different governmental authorities involved in the clearance of goods at the border. Operators will have to be in this information only once.


Digital Tax with Gilda Fugazza (spreaker.com)

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