Oltrepò Pavese is a territory all about photography. With the emotion of wine! A contest to photograph the emotions of our Oltrepò Divino. It is an initiative supported by the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese with the contribution of Regione Lombardia, a communication project coordinated, carried out and entrusted by Team Oltrepò, a community founded in 2017 by Tommaso Chiesa, to promote and publicize the Oltrepò territory.

The hills dell’Oltrepò are pure enchantment. From sunrise to sunset and with this contest we want the photos, the shots, the words of those who visit Oltrepò Divino to tell the story. - team Oltrepò a group of young communicators specialized in Social content explain - It is the colors that light up and make this territory unforgettable. With their sharp outlines and with the outlines drawn here and there of the Medieval Villages, the contest will tell about beauty and history that make our eyes always shine, even to us who are lucky enough to live here!

We wanted to start this initiative with the contribution of Regione Lombardia - said the director of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese Carlo Veronese-because we felt strongly the need to create an open, spontaneous and fresco dialogue with the young dell’Oltrepò Pavese who are the first testimonials of a world - strongly wine-growing and beautiful and exciting for its views and landscapes.

Veronese continues: The competition will allow us to see with new eyes these hills that increasingly fascinate even young people and at the same time to collect iconographic evidence, useful for our photographic archive, with the aim of making known more and more a territory that deserves stops, returns and visits, for the value of its products, the quality wine of the Denominations, and for the value of its reception that is increasingly equipping itself for local tourism. The enthusiasm of young people is a key to the success of this world that looks ahead and tries to hit a wider and wider range of winelovers and wine tourists looking for experiences in the world of wine.

Team Oltrepò is a young reality that communicates in a new way the territory through the sharing of multimedia content dedicated to Oltrepò Pavese. Its Community has already obtained great consensus, as today it is the most followed community in the Province of Pavia, with 15 thousand active users and an average of 350 contents shared every year. It boasts about half a million impressions among the various social channels, and aims to enhance the territory by sharing images of breathtaking landscapes, typical products and local businesses.

Photo Team Oltrepo L

Tommaso Chiesa and Giulia A. Bellazzi

Since 2018, the Team Oltrepò project has seen Giulia A. join the team. Bellazzi, who takes care of the relationships between the various social communities and the productive realities dell’Oltrepò Pavese that collaborate with this team. On Team Oltrepò you can find: pictures, videos, information about the area, tips on trekking and where to taste typical local products. Now, with this project Photographing Oltrepò also comes a contest!
THE CONTEST - Emozioni d'Oltrepò, Colori diVini - A project promoted by the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese that stems from the desire to raise awareness of the Oltrepò Pavese, through images, videos through various media and above all ... the emotions of this territory. In search of different looks at the fascinating Oltrepò Pavese. It was created to make people discover the territory dell’Oltrepò Pavese, an area of great naturalistic and enogastronomic value, able to excite and slowly be discovered as a new proposal for experiential tourism.

A hilly area where you can stop and, above all, come back. This will be the invitation that will arise from the shots of those who are here, observe, shoot! And also of those who live and live this middle land, of those who choose a trip between these hills as a tourist destination or meeting point of peace but also work. Participation is free and open to all, photographers, tourists by chance, travelers, curiosity, selectors of beautiful moments, the more you are the more emotions will multiply going to complete the palette of colors diVini!

Photo Anglisani horizontal

Alessandro Anglisani, photographer and competition guide

TO ENROLL - Just attach your shots and read the rules. The shots that arrive, will not be evaluated by a jury. Once the competition is over, a travelling exhibition will be organized throughout the territory, where the ten shots that have obtained the highest score will be awarded. But it is not the competition that counts, but rather the journey: inside the exhibition, all the other photographs that have participated will also be exhibited, everything will go to make up a great world of images to discover the Oltrepò.

MORE THAN A JURY... A group of observers will make up the Jury of the Contest and is composed of: Alessandro Anglisani - professional photographer, Carlo Veronese - Director Consorzio Tutela Vini O.P.. , Luciana Rota - Communication Consorzio Tutela Vini O.P. , Tommaso E. Chiesa - Founder of the Community Team Oltrepò, Giulia A. Bellazzi - Content Manager of Team Oltrepò. It will be their magnifying glass to decide the ten collector's shots.

You register here before you start https://www.fotografandoltrepo.com/registrazione/