Intesa Sanpaolo and Consorzio Tutela Oltrepò Pavese together to relaunch the wine sector. Access to the revolving pledge that allows stocks in the cellar to be valued and used to obtain new lines of credit. Support for innovation, digitalisation, internationalisation and exports

The collaboration agreement between Intesa Sanpaolo and Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese aimed at strengthening access to credit for companies in the wine sector so that they can also cope with the period of extraordinary complexity has been signed. This will enable consortium wine companies to take advantage of concrete support in the processes of innovation, digitization, internationalization, export, growth, management and stock enhancement through specific instruments and financial resources.

The agreement will allow access to a dedicated Intesa Sanpaolo offer through credit lines and short, medium and long-term loans with the possible support of subsidized finance products. In particular, the agreement provides member companies with access to the revolving pledge, Intesa Sanpaolo's financial solution to support the wine sector and which is driven by the " Cura Italia" decree. The revolving pledge makes it possible to carry out a precise assessment of the stocks of wine to be refined and to convert them into guarantees useful for obtaining new lines of credit. Companies can thus demobilize the valuable assets stored in the cellar, which will become marketable only after many years.

Specific plafonds will also be used, which can be made available to finance investments with a positive impact on sustainability, also activating access to Intesa Sanpaolo's Agricoltura Impresa product, aimed at wine ageing, business improvement for the purchase, construction and restructuring of cellars, purchase of land and vineyards, rural buildings and businesses, as well as for instrumental investments in machinery and equipment. Access to credit by wine companies can be facilitated through recourse to the consolidated operations of the ISMEA direct guarantee and the extension of the Medio Credito Centrale guarantee offered by the Liquidity Decree to the agricultural world.

The agreement also aims to support Consorzio and its consortium members in the recovery of business through the possibility of organizing seminars, workshops and working tables on topics such as insurance coverage, welfare, leasing, rental and payment systems, also activating the advice of Intesa Sanpaolo Group companies.

With this convention we are responding on time to a demand for updating, innovation and development," said Gilda Fugazza, president of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese - by participating in a project that has moved on a national scale and that starts from the Cura Italia decree. We like to have signed this agreement in particular because it responds to our active principles, shared by a Board of Directors that in recent months has been strongly committed to advancing activities and issues related to quality, sustainability, and digitalization. This is an important agreement, especially at a time when companies need to be able to continue to invest. We are proud to be, after important Denominations such as Barolo, one of the first Italian wineries to commit to this, considering that the project concerns the whole sector and in particular something like about 400 DOC and DOCGs that will be able to collaborate with important banking groups such as Intensa Sanpaolo.

Tito Nocentini, Intesa Sanpaolo Lombardy regional director Commitment to the world of agriculture is in our DNA and also motivated the decision to establish a new center of excellence here .The collaboration agreement with Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese goes precisely in this direction of supporting one of the strategic and particularly productive agricultural sectors in the Pavia area. We have built solutions tailored to the specific needs of consortium members aimed at growth, innovation, export and warehouse management. The wine that is aged in the cellar becomes an asset in the company's balance sheet: a simple idea, but one that requires a Bank willing to take the risk, a reliable partner like Consorzio and the courage of our producers who understand that the only viable way forward is to continue to invest in digitization, new working tools, training and communication.


Photo credit Photo by alohamalakhov from Pixabay