March 8, 2021 - The board of directors of Consorzio The Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese met today to elect president and vice president. The Board of Directors composed of: Andrea Barbieri, Camillo Dal Verme, Federico Defilippi, Alessio Gaiaschi, Ottavia Giorgi Vistarino, Paolo Verdi, Sara Zambianchi; winemakers category: Stefano Dacarro, Gilda Fugazza, Andrea Giorgi, Marco Maggi, Mattia Nevelli, Valeria Radici Odero, Francesca Seralvo; bottlers category: Luca Bellani, Quirico Decordi, Giovanna Fugazza, Renato Guarini, Massimo Ornaghi, Pier Paolo Vanzini, Valeria Vercesi unanimously elected Gilda Fugazza as president and Ottavia Vistarino, Andrea Barbieri and Renato Guarini as vice presidents.

The comment of Gilda Fugazza, reconfirmed as president: The time for wine is never enough, but you have to make the time bear fruit and the work of these months has been a fight against time, a fight won considering the results. The result is the work done and to be done. But there is still much to do and our wine has no time to lose. Because it is he, the wine, first of all not to waste time and we know it well. Season after season. Time will have to become an ally not an enemy and this is my wish for a long road together with this Board and the vice presidents.

Agriculture councillor of Regione Lombardia Fabio Rolfi commented: The path of reorganization of the governance dell’Oltrepò of wine, which in a general moment of difficulty, has been able to regain compactness, is completed. Now the Consorzio has an even more authoritative and plural voice to give representativeness to what is in fact the first wine territory in Lombardy. Good work to the president, vice presidents and the entire Board of Directors. The Regione Lombardia will always be available for joint work at the institutional level. The revitalization of the entire Oltrepò Pavese area, also in a post-Cvid perspective, necessarily passes through the valorization of the great appellation wines produced.