Gilda Fugazza, president of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese, comments on 2020 production data compiled by an in-depth study by the Agriculture Department of Regione Lombardia with Fabio Rolfi, at a meeting the councilor wanted with all Lombard consortia.
That of Gilda Fugazza is one of the many contributions to this moment of encounter, also made public with a social event organized by Lombardia Notizie, to take stock of the production of wine in Lombardy in the year 2020 and the new measures to support the wine comparison that is particularly damaged by the pandemic and economic crisis not only national.

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Commentary on the wine produced data of the year 2020.
Digital event on 17 March 2021 at 15:30 Social Platform Regione Lombardia fb
Communication meeting with regional councillor Fabio Rolfi

By Gilda Fugazza - President Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese

We are looking at a potential figure, that is the premise. It's not a market analysis yet. And we cannot measure the economic effects of the Pandemic. These data represent the potential of each single type of wine not yet on the market and are conditioned - as always, because we are talking about production numbers and not sales - by various factors: climatic variability, harvest and oenological choices.

The increase in Metodo Classico, however, stands out and is already a market choice within a forecasting framework for a type of wine that needs time to perform and that allows us to make predictions: in fact, the Metodo Classico DOCG is a type of wine that, according to regulations, requires a wait of at least 15 months (for vintage wines 24 months of yeast on the lees).

Thus, a potential increase in the metodo classico DOCG of about +34% emerges, a sign of a clear effort to enhance the value of the princely appellation. This is not a point of arrival but a good start. A substantially stable figure then concerns Bonarda Doc (plus 2.5) and analyzing the bottled trend of these last few years to record double-digit growth is the Sangue di Giuda: plus 22.64 (bottled until 2020 on 2019).

The system seems to be holding. And there are many reasons for this. Among these is the renewed union of the territory. A sign that teamwork really does help. In these numbers I emphasize quality and not just quantity, just as we do today when we talk about calories and nutritional strategies. The operation of relaunching the territory has been underway for some time. We are committed with a new CDA to work on numbers that can dare breath. That make us raise the reputation and the head of a historic land of wine: it is already.

The Oltrepò Pavese has an advantage: it can wander, it does not have only one way, it has biodiversity in the vineyard and multiplicity of products and it has decided to bet on quality (the strength of the denominations and of our pearls of Oltrepò) and on the ability to interpret in real time such a fast market with the strength of an unexceptionable history.

We are opening up to new markets. Opportunities: those who have never sold abroad will find themselves ready thanks to digital, those who have never looked at Horeca will be able to make contributions in this sense too and dialogue with a new interlocutor ready to use, as soon as everything opens up again... Change is the key word. Opening new doors. Before closing one, maybe you don't close it but leave it ajar. That's what our team is working for.