22 April is World Earth Day. We are taking part in this important moment of sharing, knowledge, research, training and orientation by inaugurating a section of the Consorzio website which we have called SUSTAINABILITY and which interprets the thinking and direction taken and based on the principles of sustainability, not only theoretical but above all practical. A path aimed at making sustainable actions more and more effective and numerous: a process that began some time ago and that engages us with passion and determination.

It has been happening since 1970, and more than ever in this last decade, 22 April engages us with World Earth Day, which is a cultural observatory of the Earth of global scope, and a key to communication and unity of all countries that declare love for the Earth.

This year's theme is Restore Our Earth and focuses on natural processes, emerging green technologies and innovative thinking that can restore the world's ecosystems. The theme also eschews the belief that a milder climate and adaptation are the only ways to tackle climate change. Global warming, pollution and deforestation are just some of the problems on the agenda and certainly pose a serious threat to nature. This year's Earth Day focuses on the Restore Our Earth and focuses on (digital) education and in particular on natural processes, emerging green technologies and innovative thinking aimed at restoring the world's ecosystems. The theme also rejects the belief that only mitigation and adaptation are the ways to tackle climate change.

Earthday.org invites everyone to participate, stressing the importance of a global push for climate literacy so that tomorrow's leaders can prepare solutions today.

earth day
Education and training: today, 21 April 2021, Education International, with 32 million trainers/teachers will lead the Teach for the Planet: Global Education Summit. The virtual summit, in several languages, focuses on the significant role of educators in the fight against climate change and why the world needs urgent transformative climate education. Link here: Earthday.org  

Every year, since 1970, 22 April is celebrated as Earth Day all over the world and people and associations, movements and institutions, take part together in "civic" activities aimed at raising awareness and sensitising public opinion on the critical issues facing the Earth.

Among the daily actions towards this education for sustainability to be highlighted is the education and training being carried out by theC. Gallini State Agricultural Technical Institute (Pavia).Gallini in Voghera (Pavia), which was recently awarded a prize for its bio wine and beer stoppers project in the international competition promoted and organised by Fast for the geniuses of the future. Of the Earth.

In the genius section, an international competition on environmental issues, science, engineering, music, art, writing, robotics, Rochester (New York-U.S.), the winners were Maddalena Macelli (2003), Jacopo Rovati (2004) and Nicolò Trovato (2003) from the C. Gallini State Agricultural Technical Institute, Voghera (PV) for the project Bio-corks for wine and beer produced by our school. Gallini, Voghera (PV) for the Bio-corks project for wine and beer produced in our school.

Professor Marchetti of Gallini says: The project concerns the formulation of a material of biological origin and possibly obtained from other processes with characteristics suitable for making stoppers for wine or beer bottles. Among the many experiments carried out, the best results were obtained using casein, treated with glycerine and water. Obviously we are at the beginning but we think we are on the right track, our research will continue and we hope to obtain caps that are safe to use and that are biodegradable as soon as possible.

The president of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese, Gilda Fugazza, congratulating said, We are very attentive to these issues, so much so that on the occasion of International Earth Day, we decided to dedicate a section of our official website and our communication, to the theme of Sustainability. A topic that should accompany us daily in our programs and intentions. And we are also happy to celebrate the day of April 22 by highlighting an award, such as that of the Gallini students.

We are proud of this recognition and of the challenge, in difficult times like these of the Pandemic, intercepted and carried out by "ingenious" girls and boys who in a concrete way with a natural "organic" vocation give a contribution and a signal by highlighting a sector that only needs to be enhanced and is an excellence, like the Gallini Institute, from which the awarded project started. We would like to congratulate them and make ourselves available so that this innovation does not remain just a project, but can have a real impact on our wine world. It is also by cultivating talents such as these that we can think of an increasingly intelligent and innovative future for our wine world.
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