In Varzi, in the province of Pavia, on the hills pointing towards the Pre-Apennines (just over an hour from Milan), on Sunday 20 June from 11.30 am, workshops and multi-sensory experiences will set in motion a journey of art (and crafts) in the charming little medieval village. The Consorzio Tutela Vini OP is also involved in a masterclass "Perle d'Oltrepò" (Pearls of Oltrepò) and a training project for young people.

A multisensory day for thepreview of Vartweek, Sunday 20 June 2021, turns on what will be Varzi's annual exhibition (from 2022) as a six-day "fuori salone" and a cultural proposal of contemporary art just an hour from Miart. Sunday in Varzi there will be workshops with young people in the "historic cellars" in Via del Mercato (ancient residences on the Salt Road), open to talk about the art of making bread and salami, in collaboration with Consorzio tutela Salame di Varzi Dop.

The art trail involving students from the Volta of Pavia and other local artists will restart with the painting of portcullises in the historic center, inspired by black-and-white photographs depicting the old Varzi of arts and crafts. For the senses of taste, touch, sight and smell, two masterclasses, tasting events, scheduled in the small Aldo Moro square, next to the Malaspina-esque Torre delle Streghe, directed by Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese. First the youngest will participate in a sensory journey for a tasting "baptism": juices, herbs, fruits and spices, will be spiritual guides of this initiation to "no wine" tasting curated by sommelier Gaia Servidio, an expert and artist of wines and food and wine pairings. Following this, a classic wine masterclass, by invitation only, led by the director of consorzio tutela vini OP, Carlo Veronese, will tell the multisensory experience of the Territory's "identity" wines: from appetizer to dessert, according to the tried-and-true scheme entitled "Perle d'Oltrepò" that offers 6 denomination labels from Pinot nero OP Metodo Classico DOCG also in Cruasé version , to Riesling OP Doc, to Bonarda OP Doc, to Pinot nero OP Doc in red, to Sangue di Giuda Doc.

Two great international testimonials for the preview of Vartweek, a cultural project that enjoys the contribution of Regione Lombardia: the contemporary artist Stefano Bressani, who on Sunday 20 starts his journey in his new art residence, and Emanuele Servidio, a tenor from Voghera who tours the world with his incredible voice, who will stage "Vino è lirica" (Wine is opera), a show that draws from a classic opera repertoire, but also offers unexpected toasts from other genres, to enhance with music and entertainment the emotion of the... nectar of the Gods. At 8.30 p.m. in the square in front of Varzi's Town Hall (Umberto I), free admission according to Covid-19 rules.

Info a project with the contribution of Regione Lombardia