University lecturers, producers, communicators and wine professionals will discuss the cultural, economic and social synergies linked to wine and food. A Round Table will be held in Broni (PV), at the Enoteca Regionale Lombarda, on Thursday 24 June from 3.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m., entitled Universities and Territories, synergies in the Oltrepò Pavese.

The meeting aims to explore the landscape of economic and social cultural possibilities related to food and wine, in relation to the reality dell’Oltrepò Pavese. The initiative is the second part of a project that began in the fall of 2020, with two lectures given at the University of Padua by wine-journalist Mauro Giacomo Bertolli, director of the portal www.italiadelvino.com, as part of the course on the Communication of Enogastronomy (for the Science and Culture of Gastronomy course at the University of Padua). The strong idea was to present Oltrepò Pavese and its wines, organizing a classroom tasting while having at the same time connected via zoom the producers of the wines, as well as other personalities from the wine world.

Each student created a communication project for one of the guest wineries. The best ones won a one-day internship at the winery they spoke about. The project then grew, thanks to the great interest and eagerness to participate of the teachers from the University of Padua and the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese (which bore the organizational costs), allowing the Round Table to be organized the day before the visits to the wineries, visits in which not only the students but also the teachers would participate.

In addition to Mauro Bertolli, professors Franco Tagliapietra, Viviana Corich, Luca Agostinetto and Marco Ius from the University of Padua and Daniela Fracassetti from the University of Milan, Carlo Veronese, director of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese, Luigi Terzago, national president FISAR, Hosam Eldin Abou Eleyoune, president AIS Lombardia, and Giorgio Vizioli, journalist and communications consultant specializing in the wine sector. Following this, the floor will be given to Oltrepadano producers and students from the University of Padua for a session of speeches, presentations, and questions and answers.

The encounter between communication, production and consumption in the world of wine is a particularly fruitful alliance for a reality such as theOltrepò Pavese, an area with great potential but until now only partially known and exploited," Mauro Bertolli said.

For the students, internships are scheduled for the following day at six companies dell’Oltrepò: Fiamberti, Frecciarossa, Giorgi, Monsupello, Rebollini and Travaglino.


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