We started again in May with Oltrepò in Giro and the Perle d'Oltrepò Masterclasses on tour (around!), in stages, throughout the territory. A great success. June made us run from one winery to another - with joy - for the press tours that have finally started again: to make people taste and tell about our Denominations of a Divine Oltrepò.

In the meantime, the Guide tastings have begun again, mostly held at the Consorzio headquarters in Riccagioia di Torrazza Coste, in the province of Pavia, a stone's throw from Montebello della Battaglia. This is an annual activity of great importance, organised in collaboration with the Distretto dei Vini di Qualità, a sacred moment, almost as sacred as Christmas, for the wine territories that have to win points and appreciation during this period.

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It is useless to add the complexity of the organisation, especially with so many types as in Oltrepò Pavese, our Pearls, and the serious cataloguing of the labels being tasted, but it is worth noting the enthusiasm of recording - at the first sips - positive feedback from the experts (the guides, in fact) who appreciate more and more a Territory that is growing in quality and typicality . As the director Carlo Veronese explained, congratulating the technical staff that takes care of this important part of the work of Consorzio, a staff made up of Gaia Servidio (Consorzio) and Mila Pifferi (Distretto) with the collaboration of the sommelier Simone Marchetti.

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Every year for the territory dell’Oltrepò Pavese the Consorzio Tutela in collaboration with the Distretto Vini di Qualità organizes the samplings made available for the expert tasters of the Guides. A painstaking and very demanding work, which finds its headquarters at the headquarters of Consorzio, in Riccagioia di Torrazza Coste.


Events, tastings and ... lots of training. In recent months, after being activated on the occasion of the events coordinated by Stradella for Oltrepò In Giro, the collaboration with the Santa Chiara Institute has gone ahead and has seen the organisation of a lesson "of Oltrepò Divino" led by Carlo Veronese. With a great team result: the enthusiasm of the young people who carry forward the flag of the Oltrepò Pavese wine denominations, they too are the fundamental opinion leaders of a wine territory.

In addition, in Broni at theEnoteca Regionale di Cassino Po, great interest was shown by the academic presence of students from the University of Padua, guided by journalist Mauro Giacomo Bertolli in a training course that included visits to the vineyard and direct contact with the Oltrepò Pavese wine region.

The promotion of the appellations dell’Oltrepò Pavese, which has 7 Doc and one Docg, a flagship as demonstrated at the recent Spumantitalia 2021 exhibition in Garda, continues in the territory with an important series of events, meetings and opportunities for multisensory experiences.



At the end of June, participation in the artistic event Anteprima Vartweek, in collaboration with Consorzio Tutela Salame di Varzi Dop, was a great success, culminating in two masterclasses and an exciting concert entitled 'Vino è lirica' (Wine is Opera), with a toast of Docg bubbles at the end. On 9 and 10 July, the promotion saw two very important events at Valle Staffora. The theme was once again cycling and wine in tandem.

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Wine is opera, a project included in Vartweek Preview, a musical program by Emanuele Servidio, with a finale in collaboration with the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese. Emotions in every sense... in Piazza Umberto I in Varzi (Pv) #Vartweek

After Anteprima Vartweek The first event, also technical, as well as fascinating for all the ingredients involved, saw the participation of three Oltrepò Pavese labels in a masterclass(battery of 6 blind wines) dedicated to two territories of great Italian bubbles: Trentodoc and OltrepoDocg.

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The risotto with courgette flowers served by Selvatico as the final accompaniment to the tasting of the 6 wines also accompanied by music.

The story in the glasses was enhanced by the extraordinary (and exciting) participation of Francesco Moser, the great world cycling champion, producer in Trento at the Maso Warth winery in Gardolo, a winery run by his son Carlo, who in just a few years has raised it to important levels, a winery highly regarded by the great experts in sparkling wines and not only.