In Rivanazzano Terme, in the province of Pavia, where Valle Staffora begins, at Il Selvatico (Ristorante del Buonricordo), the Moserissima Masterclass could have a subtitle that goes like this: Denomination of phenomena, meaning the wine and also the man, or rather the men, who make it.

A Masterclass that was also enlivened by a musical accompaniment, with the complicity of Francesco Moser's publisher, Azzurra Music, which came out a few weeks ago with a biographical volume dedicated to the Trentino recordman, 20,000 copies of which have been distributed. Moser spent two days in Oltrepò Pavese, visiting (and rewarding with his success stories) establishments, wineries, restaurateurs, sports groups, fans and institutions that were able to appreciate him as a Champion, as a Man and as an Example and a driving force behind his success. A little enthusiasm for this new start for wine and wine tourism in Oltrepò Pavese.

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The musical masterclass on 9 July , with the participation of champion winemaker Francesco Moser, delighted participants (sold out) with three Trentodoc and three Oltrepo Docg labels with notes and assonances of two great wine territories united also by music.

Carlo Veronese, director of the Consorzio tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese talked about what is behind the revival of this historic territory for bubbles and wine, and guided the listening to the glasses - including those of the three Moser labels - emphasizing the high level of these Italian products, capable of competing in the world, with the best champagne and above all capable of being loved and understood by people, at whatever level, as must happen for wine that must yes reward fine connoisseurs but also educate and make simple enthusiasts and winelovers rejoice, who through these tasting experiences can take home precisely the memory of a territory, where they can return and taste.

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Wecertainly lack the notoriety of certain wines," said Carlo Veronese, " and this is why we hope to be able to realise the international commitments that are awaiting us in the United States from September, but we do not lack the security of top-level products that - as we said - know how to excite. Almost as good as the achievements of champions like Francesco Moser, an example of success that is also good for our wine world.

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It is like a calendar of races, rich and exciting, that has got the world of wine in Oltrepò Pavese back on track. Time and sustainability (of the wine world, of the entire wine chain) - said Gilda Fugazza president of Consorzio Tutela Vini OP - are our key words that make us work with passion, going straight for the road of quality that we want to make known in Italy, in the main cities that focus on one hundred per centmade in Italy (and true)hospitality and abroad.

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Spumantitalia at Garda, in an exciting resumption of tourism, gave the go-ahead: Now we must remain focused on the promotion and organisation of our world of DOC wines, providing training and culture for those who advise, serve and enhance wine: in the knowledge that a glass of Metodo Classico Docg bubbles has a special value, certified by a history that goes forward and looks beyond. Our Oltrepò Pavese is aware of this.

Continues Gilda Fugazza: At Garda we received several awards, I also like to highlight the one that rewarded our director Carlo Veronese who is passionately committed to the development of our appellations: 7 doc and one DOCG. It is not an easy mission, But he is aware of that and the results of his reorganization work are already coming.

Small personal note, if the president grants it, how very much: I love bubbles, - says Gilda Fugazza - I love those of the wonderful Metodo Classico DOCG and also those of Bonarda Doc OP, which to tell the truth also excels in its still version. And if we want to toast with a sweet on the plate, I would add that I recommend from the heart the sparkling Sangue di Giuda OP Doc very popular especially abroad and that in Italy is rediscovering its "typical" celebrity even in its name. Besides, the word sparkling immediately evokes positivity, smiles. And in Oltrepò Pavese it is also tradition, popularity.

We are a land of sparkling wines, both white and red," concludes the president, "and we like this attitude to multi-discipline. It allows us to say that from hors d'oeuvre to dessert in Oltrepò Pavese you can drink typical, and there is always a wine story to tell. We want to do this by promoting what we call the Pearls of Oltrepò.