The soft landscape perspectives dell’Oltrepò Pavese, drawn by the vine-covered hillsides-which represent an important tourist, productive and economic value of the Lombardy region (with 75 million bottles per year and the launch of a new wine tourism)-are once again becoming the magnificent and evocative backdrop for the organization of world sporting events. More and more on two wheels.

From the Giro d'Italia at the end of May, which gave rise to Oltrepo in Giro, with the Stradella stage, capable of achieving great media success, also because, in fact, it was the first major popular event - open and without any particular Covid-19 restrictions - we move on to the Isde 2021 World Enduro Championship, which is about to start (30 to 4 September).

Thus, the trans-Padan territory is discovering a vocation for hospitality and pride that have always been too timid, never protagonists. But the trend is changing. As Carlo Veronese, director of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese, who during the press conference to launch the 94th edition of the Isde, Six Days of Team Enduro, pointed out: They tell me that the hotels, the B&Bs, the accommodations are pleasantly full. That there is international movement especially among our ... official and unofficial refreshment points, agritourisms, restaurants and so on, where they do self-promotion of food and wine products of the highest level. There is a lot of curiosity to know the story of our wine that more than ever needs to be told. And this is the opportunity not to be missed for those who believe in telling the story of the territory. When you know its real value and travel compactly straight toward the goal.  

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This is a very sporting and two-wheeled year for Oltrepò Pavese: it is so,' explains Carlo Veronese, ' because after many years we have managed to have a stage arrival of the Giro d'Italia and it was very important, from many points of view. The Consorzio decided to help the territory in this enterprise, just as it is doing now, just a few months later, for this enduro world championship. We are satisfying two worlds, two passions, which have in common two wheels and the possibility of making known the beauty and quality of the wine from our hills: with our counter-slopes full of vines that so fascinate foreigners. 

In Oltrepò Pavese, during these two weeks of international sport - including tests and official trials - we will be able to contact 3000 people with our products of excellence, including 635 drivers, the rest are staff and mechanics, representing 35 nations. There is also an important expectation from the public, we are talking about over 15 thousand people over the six days, and we are convinced that our product just needs to be promoted and to grow on the scale of values and notoriety.

Press Review - Special Motor Sprint ISDE 2021
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