From 10 to 14 September, Grana Padano and Ascovilo will be the protagonists of an emotional tasting event, where you can discover the excellence of Lombardy's wines in combination with a classic of Italian tradition.

Grana Padano and Ascovilo present the first of a series of events that are part of the three-year project European Excellence of Taste. Nati per stare insieme (May 2021 - April 2024), an information and promotion plan co-financed by the European Union (Regulation (EU) 1144/2014) and jointly managed by Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano and Ascovilo.

Its aim is to promote awareness of the PDO and PGI marks among European consumers, particularly in Italy and Germany, and to spread awareness in these countries of the Grana Padano PDO and the Lombardy DOCG, DOC and IGT wines promoted by Ascovilo, products of certified quality and authenticity.

During the first event called Nati per stare insieme (Born to be together), which will be held in Milan from 10 to 14 September between Design week and Art week, it will be possible to experience an "emotional food and wine tasting". Inside a labyrinth with a veiled and enveloping atmosphere, in which the bottles of wine and the shapes of Grana Padano will be the real protagonists of the setting, guests will be able to follow an interactive path that will lead them to discover the perfect combinations with which to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of Lombardy's wines and the different ageing periods of a great classic of our table.

With Ascovilo we share the history and tradition of a unique territory, where the air, the land and an ancient knowledge have allowed the creation of food and wine excellence - comments Renato Zaghini, president of the Consorzio di tutela del Grana Padano - The aim of this initiative is first and foremost to encourage and promote awareness of the PDO and PGI marks and to spread the quality of the most widely consumed PDO cheese in the world and of Lombardy's DOCG, DOC and PGI wines among the European consumers who will be attending the Fuori Salone, but also to show them the fruit of the dedication of the men and women who work every day to make the Lombardy region unique.

Lombardy wines and Grana Padano were born to be together in the sign of the territory," remarked Giovanna Prandini, president of Ascovilo, the association that brings together the 13 Lombardy wine consortia involved in the project together with Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano. " I believe it is strategically important to strengthen the knowledge of the Wines of Lombardy in order to create in the Italian consumer greater awareness of the importance of the regional agri-food sector as a national excellence. The Fuori Salone event in Milan is an opportunity to raise awareness of our products. The wines and cheeses of Lombardy are the pride of our region's agri-food production and represent a business card to be proud of. A chain of great quality. The union between Ascovilo and Grana Padano will serve to spread knowledge of both the great production realities and the real niches of excellence of our territory.

Within the framework of a broader initiative, aimed at making the link between flavours, art and creativity more complete and stronger, other moments to be shared together will also be scheduled, a series of "events within the event": masterclasses with tastings dedicated to deepening the nature of the wines present in relation to pairings with Grana Padano and the presentation of the works of Manuel Felisi, a visual artist who tells the human concept of "Time" through the exciting combination of different techniques, from painting to photography.

Grana Padano and Ascovilo are waiting for you from 10 to 14 September in Milan, via Sirtori 26, at the charming location of Casa Nervesa. For info, contacts and reservations: