A powerful communication of our typicality and quality designations (CMO project USA 2021). New York 14 September 2021

Now close your eyes and open them again at the entrance to the EATALY NYC FLATIRON (120,000 people every week - more than 6 million a year!), with its gourmet 8 shops and 6 restaurants. Or, if you like it better, enter the EATALY NYC DOWNTOWN which does just 40K visitors every week, 3 restaurants and 13 pampering shops made in Italy. The former has a basket of 10K and a turnover of $1.4M/week, the latter: "only" 10K+ for $800K/week.

Now take a trip to New Work, starting fromOltrepò Pavese (Regione Lombardia, one hour from Milan) and you will be on the hills of this Oltrepò Divino for the whole month. Because the communication and marketing operation linked to Consorzio Tutela Vini OP(OCM USA 2021 project) has been launched and so has the campaign in the States. Before Los Angeles (with dates to be defined - Gambero Rosso event), there is therefore the City to kick off this restart of Italian wine, Lombardy wine, Oltrepò wine in the States.

The agreement with Eataly New York and Eataly Wine NY involves a huge communication operation that will bounce from the stores to the web. With a high profile of contacts with a very demanding public and a visibility objective never thought possible for the wines of the Oltrepò Pavese Denominazioni protected and promoted by Consorzio.

We have made an important and exciting agreement - explains the director of the Consorzio Charles Veroneseand we are very happy even though it would have been nice to be there to experience this great atmosphere of restarting. In a city as special as New York, everything evolves and changes quickly. And we are sure that it is and will be a success. Thanks also to our brand ambassador Susannah Gold who knows the value of our wines and how to communicate it to this very attentive audience ready to understand all the quality and novelties of our wine world.


Among the news also trends, we are covered, in New York also in this. Thanks to our mixology cocktail proposal : the OltreMiTo (based on Bonarda Doc - Campari, ed.), invented just a year ago for Milano Wine Week (by head barman Sergio Daglia of Selvatico in Rivanazzano Terme), lands in the Big Apple city, which offers it at Eataly New York's Ristorante Pastaio.

There is history and culture to communicate, there is innovation and sustainability, there is a spirit of adventure and creativity, like OltreMiTo that enhances our Bonarda DOP and Pop... that spirit - mixology - that is typically Italian and that foreigners typically love when they approach us or when we go to them. - says Gilda Fugazza, president of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese - We are focused and expeditious on the road to the restart of quality, the protection of Made in Italy, and the promotion of the biodiversity of our Earth that the world not only envies us but appreciates as it is happening these days, in Milan, with the tastings of the Miart off-site exhibition with Ascovilo and Grana Padano, a world brand coincidentally also very present Eataly NY. In the Big Apple, on the other side of the world, knowing that the language of taste of the Denominations of Oltrepò Pavese is being spoken is a source of pride. We are in the big Eataly stores and the very interesting Eataly Wine. There is not much to add. Ours is an increasingly sustainable and international Oltrepò Divino, and we want to promote it to the fullest, with well-deserved pride.

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