If September is the month of Discover Oltrepò at Eataly New York, October will be the month of Milan. Within an hour of ... Milan Wine Week (2 to 10) the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese will be present and very active at the major international event dedicated to wine, put on by Federico Gordini.

The presence of Oltrepò Pavese wines in the Eustachi-Plino wine district is becoming increasingly effervescent. The Perle d'Oltrepò Pavese will have the honour of inaugurating the series of Masterclasses at Palazzo Bovara. The appointment is for Sunday 3 October. The programme and details here.


press kit mww2021

The two masterclasses of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese will be in the Discover Oltrepò mood, a rendezvous and a trip to the hills, pure delight for #OltrepoWineLovers, and will put the Pearls of Oltrepò Pavese in the glasses with a sprint finale: the OltreMiTo mixology show by head sommelier Sergio Daglia.

Press Conference Palazzo Castiglioni 14 09 2021

Some Perle d'Oltrepò Pavese parade at Palazzo Castiglioni for the press preview of Milano Wine Week 2021

Gilda Fugazza president Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese greeted the 2021 edition of Milano Wine Week with these words.: Milano Wine Week is a fundamental showcase for Lombardy's wines and for all the Consortia involved in promoting the quality and protection of our excellent Denominations. For some years now we have also been "one hour from ... Milan" and this proximity, not only in terms of kilometres but also in terms of shared objectives, with Milan and the other cities within an hour of Oltrepò Pavese (Genoa, Turin and Piacenza), is telling us that we are on the right track. A road of quality restart, of the protection of the made in Italy, and of the promotion of the biodiversity of our land that the world not only envies us but appreciates as it is happening in these days, in Milan, with the tastings of the fuorisalone of Miart with Ascovilo and Grana Padano, but also on the other side of the world, in New York, in the big stores of Eataly and in the very interesting Eataly Wine. Ours is an increasingly sustainable and international Oltrepò Divino and we want to promote it to the full, with well-deserved pride.
casa nervesa masterclass 14 09 2021 Ascovilo GP

Carlo Veronese director of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese, He is currently involved in a sparkling meeting between Dop Gran Padano and Vini di Lombardia at Casa Nervesa in Milan, said:  From Milan to New York, to the major events that will follow one another such as Vinitaly and the Merano Wine Festival, we are in the middle of the key months that sum up a world that has never stopped, not even for Covid-19, that of quality wine. This drought of events and ad personam meetings has not demoralised us, but rather strengthened us, made us more innovative and dynamic, convinced us to be even more full of positive energy to face an increasingly interesting international market, oriented towards quality and typicality, offering us the golden opportunity to promote the "pearls of Oltrepò" and their "divine" territory. To promote products that are convincing even the most discerning palates. This is testified by the experiences gained in recent months with the tastings of the official guides, the last of which, the one exclusively for sparkling wines, carried out by the Austrian publication Falstaff, has definitely put us at the top level of our competitors.
More and more Oltrepò is to be tasted and told: We look forward with confidence to the upcoming tasting and communication opportunities with the apputing events that will take place from now on, week after week: - says Carlo Veronese again - I am referring to a tasting event organised by Ais Lombardy with us, purposely in Oltrepò Pavese, to continue with the tour of the territory by an important delegation of foreign press qualified in the world of wine, with a total immersion in the world of wine as well. Pinot nero of Oltrepò Paveseuntil the week of Milan Wine Weekwith the opening of the Masterclasses by our Pearls, then Vinitaly with Ascovilo (together with 12 other Lombardy wine consortia, ed.), up to Merano Wine Festival.

Wines of Lombardy and Grana Padano PDO tastings

Wines of Lombardy and Grana Padano: top-level DOP tastings at the Milan fuorisalone, amidst design and art!
From left to right: Sommelier AIS, Antonello Maietta (National President of the Italian Sommelier Association), Carlo Veronese (Director Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepo Pavese), Orlando Bonomo (Secretary of the Lombardy Wine Consortia Association)