After the opening masterclass of all the tasting events proposed by the rich programme of Milano Wine Week 2021, this year dedicated to the Oltrepò Pavese Denominations, on Sunday 3 October, here is another event that is about to sell out in a few hours: it is the Masterclass that will be conducted by Mauro Giacomo Bertolli, on Thursday 7 October at 18.15 in the splendid setting of Palazzo Bovara, in Corso Venezia in Milan.

Once again this year wine journalist Mauro Giacomo Bertolli profound connoisseur dell’Oltrepò Divino will guide experts and enthusiasts through a journey among the pearls of Oltrepò Pavese, a wine territory he knows well .

The event in Milan, which includes the tasting of 8 wines for 6 types, to promote with the patronage of the Gal the Denominations of a territory DiVino since ever (Doc and DOCG d'Oltrepò Pavese), will end with an unmissable final mixology show, entrusted to bartender Sergio Daglia, inventor ofOltreMito, the territory cocktail, which also fascinates young people, with a stop in Oltrepò (dedicated to Bonarda) on the Milan-Turin route... A combination of history and the future of the mixology world that is very interesting because it puts the excellent ingredient at the center and not in the background: wine!

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Sergio Daglia, head barman of the Selvatico Ristorante in Rivanazzano Terme, performs in an OltreMiTo mixology show at the end of the Perle d'Oltrepò Pavese Masterclass, a journey into the multifaceted world of wine from this cluster rich in history and the future of Lombardy ph MDidier

The Oltrepo Pavese is a fun area to approach because it is very varied, even in size, and there are various types of territories and different landscapes to taste. There are practically all the grape varieties, or in any case an enormous number of them, so it is said that there is really an interesting 'variety' here, so there is really something to indulge in. - In addition to this, there has been a constant increase in quality and I have noticed this over the last few years. Each time I ask myself whether the trend is confirmed, whether I will find this improvement again and, above all, I seem to notice that every year more and more small wineries are making a leap in quality. So, on the one hand, you are curious to see if the progress made by some companies is confirmed, but then you discover one or two new companies that have moved up a step or two. So the intriguing question is: who will be this year's new entry?