Stories of Wine - Oltrepò is told in Pavia. The first edition of the event that brings together winemakers dell’Oltrepò Pavese to promote the great Wines of the area with thematic tastings, food corners of typical local products and wine experiences on Pavia's Covered Bridge.The event, supported by Regione Lombardia, Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality of Pavia, will be held with the organization of
Mabedo (the Eating - Drinking - Sleeping association that deals with food and wine and tourism).

Dedicated to wine enthusiasts and wine lovers, an event is coming up that is an unprecedented opportunity to appreciate and discover the 45th parallel of wine in Oltrepò. On Saturday, October 23, 2021, for the first time ever, Storie di Vino - L'Oltrepò si racconta a Pavia will be staged on Pavia's Covered Bridge: the unprecedented event involving more than 30 winemakers dell’Oltrepò Pavese, the territory beyond the Po that is very vocated for wine production, located right on the 45th parallel.

An entire day from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. will be dedicated to tastings, stories, meetings, and wine experiences to discover the best food and wine specialties, from Pinot nero metodo classico to Bonarda dell’Oltrepò Pavese with 3 dedicated food corners that will allow visitors to complete their culinary experience and a program of masterclasses and thematic tastings at every hour.

Fabrizio Fracassi, mayor of Pavia, said: ' Our territory is important, incredibly beautiful, especially for the very high level of wine and food production, which continues to stand out on the international scene. Storie di Vino is one of the first important events since Pavia restarted after the pandemic, an important signal for our city in particular, which deserves to be in the national limelight. And to do this we need to work together, so these types of initiatives are welcome.

Giovanni Merlino, extraordinary commissioner of the Pavia Chamber of Commerce , pointed out that On behalf of Councillor Rolfi as well, I thank the city of Pavia, which is always close to Regione Lombardia. Stories of Wine is a wonderful idea of the producers dell’Oltrepò Pavese who strongly wanted to have it on Pavia's covered bridge, to celebrate one of the flagships of our territory. The Chamber of Commerce and Regione Lombardia are firmly determined to continue promoting the excellence of the area through increasingly qualitative initiatives, not only for wine enthusiasts but also aimed at the general public.

Roberta Marcone, councillor for tourism, commerce, crafts, economic policies, welfare and animal protection of the City of Pavia said: Storie di Vino this year is part of the program of events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Covered Bridge, an important symbol of the city of Pavia. The Bridge will be the perfect stage and certainly up to the standards of the wines and products that will be presented. I would like to thank the Chamber of Commerce and Regione Lombardia for their support and Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese, the Club del Buttafuoco Storico, the Quality Wine District dell’Oltrepò Pavese and Mabedo for their participation.

After the success achieved with our presence at Vinitaly Special Edition, here is another good opportunity to present our productions - says Carlo Veronese, director of Consorzio Tutela Vini dell’Oltrepò Pavese - We are facing a great wine restart with a Vinitaly a little different than usual, fewer exhibitors and a serious control on visitors, as an event dedicated to operators must be. Instead, this occasion in Pavia brings us into contact with the consumer and winelover and offers new opportunities for producers and industry professionals (sommeliers, professional tasters and so on) to meet.

The important review of Doc and DOCG wines, which is part of the call for entries promoted by Regione Lombardia and Union Camere, will be held along Pavia's Covered Bridge, one of the symbols of the Lombardy province that provides a link between the city and its characteristic Borgo district and which this year is hosting various events to mark the 70th anniversary of its reconstruction. Each winemaker will have his own exhibition space where he will tell and introduce his specialties to those present. Visitors will also be able to attend thematic tastings that will be held every hour in a dedicated space by sommeliers Ais, Fisar, and Onav to taste local wines such as Bonarda dell’Oltrepò pavese, Pinot Nero or the famous Buttafuoco Storico .

Also present during the day will be food stands with local gastronomic products from participating farms: it will be the Salumicio Fratelli Daturi, Salumificio Thogan Porri and Azienda agricola Prina Edoardo that will provide a 360-degree overview of the food and wine scene dell’Oltrepò with typical products such as Salame di Varzi another fundamental DOP of the area.

A unique and unprecedented opportunity for enthusiasts and wine lovers of all ages who are eager to discover wines beyond the banks of the Po. Many exhibiting companies have decided to join this initiative, organized by Mabedo and promoted by the Club of Buttafuoco Storico, the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese and the Quality Wines District. dell’Oltrepò Pavese. A strategic geographical area, shaped like a bunch of grapes, positioned between the Province of Piacenza and the Province of Alessandria that ends pointing to the Ligurian-Emilian Apennines and is exactly halfway between the North Pole and the Equator. On the 45th parallel, the most widely cultivated grape varieties in this region, which is well suited to vine growing due to its characteristics, are Croatina (4,000 hectares), Barbera (3,000), Pinot Nero (almost 3,000), Riesling (1,500), Moscato (500): these grape varieties cover 84 percent of the entire vineyard area dell’Oltrepò.

Calendar of Tastings
Wine stories - Oltrepò is told in Pavia
Saturday 23 October 2021

  2. 14:45 BARBERA by AIS PAVIA
  3. 15:30 BONARDA by ONAV
  5. 17:00 PINOT NERO vinified in red by AIS PAVIA
  6. 17:45 PINOT NERO classic method by ONAV

At about 19:00 there will be a moment of greeting from the authorities present:
Pavia Chamber of Commerce - Mr GIOVANNI MERLINO
Municipal Administration of Pavia