Walking the red carpet is the Quality, Innovation and Sustainability project of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese. At the Merano WineFestival 31st edition (until Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022) the OltreDoc in-house meetings tell about a project of quality, innovation and sustainability that fits perfectly into the beauty of The Wine Hunter's review

Great success for the inside and outside of the Denominazioni exhibition, for the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese, which was present at the Merano Wine Festival with an important official moment, shared with patron Helmuth Köcher, who spoke at the tasting event on Sunday morning, from Bubbles to Buttafuoco, a journey into OltreDOC and OltreDOCG, with the story of an important territory that proposes itself with its project of quality, innovation and sustainability, fully espousing the main themes of the2022 edition of the Wine Festival.

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Helmuth Köcher, next to Gilda Fugazza, president of Consorzio, entertained journalists and opinion leaders, recounting common points of a world of beauty, that of wine: Here one breathes the enthusiasm of a path now well underway that finds in quality the winning key, - said patron Köcher - a path that now sees several territories committed that since '92 have followed this path with the Merano Wine Festival. Among these is Oltrepò Pavese, which has shown great growth. A road that we share in common. In fact, if we ask ourselves where Alto Adige wine was in 1992, we see that it was in the last positions in terms of references at the national level and instead where is it today? It is in the top positions, not only with whites but also with its red soul, and this is also thanks to the Wine Festival. A road that other territories are following with important results such as Oltrepò Pavese with its extraordinary bubbles and not only, a territory that has understood and found identity of in the glasses proposed, glasses that are not forgotten, that represent the uniqueness of quality.

It continues The Wine Hunter, which on Saturday night, in the splendid Puccini Theater setting, celebrated friendship and the value of wine by involving and awarding Gerry Scotti (with Giorgi Wines), rewarding a classic method that represents the Territory: "A territory that has understood that you have to team up and stand united, an important task for President Gilda Fugazza, to whom I wish good work."

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We have worked a lot in recent years," said President Gilda Fugazza, " traveling not only the road of innovation and quality, but also the road of hospitality to intercept on foot, by bicycle and by any means passionate people who, when they come to visit us, tasting our products, conquer experiences that are remembered and that make you come back. An important step to create a knowledge of the territory that is new and broad, a comprehensive offer that also creates economic sustainability.

The enthusiasm and empathy with the Wine Festival was also manifested with a special toast, signed by a Magnum La Versa Collezione, with applause to winemaker Pietro Di Lernia and the management staff of Terre d'Oltrepò present at the OltreDOC house event. As director Corrado Gallo points out in this statement: Thanks to the collaboration with Consorzio we were able to give even more value to our presence at the Merano Wine Festival, a very important event in which we gave visibility to our flagship brands - La Versa and Casteggio - in a very positive context for the whole Oltrepò Pavese.

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There is a lot of Oltrepò Pavese at the Merano Wine Festival 2022: Being there is always important," stressed the director of Consorzio Carlo Veronese, " and I have to thank Gal Oltrepò Pavese because it allows us to plan and carry out quality events like this one, in such a unique context that is impossible to replicate elsewhere, a festival that helps to build credible wine quality projects, an event that has never lowered the bar of quality, if anything the opposite, and the result is visible.

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