BIODIVIGNA | 12 seminars and 5 field activities to win the sustainable vineyard challenge together. 1st appointment online on November 21, 2022. Biodiversity and sustainability in the vineyard to win the challenge of the sustainable vineyard.

12 streaming seminars and 5 field activities, free of charge, form the heart of the technical, theoretical and practical dissemination plan that the Oltrepò Pavese Wine District is addressing throughout the country. The goal is to convey good practices in soil and vineyard conservation, in the name of programmatic and shared sustainability.

Winegrowers, agronomists, technicians, oenologists and industry professionals are called upon to participate to spark a turnaround and address climate change. The seminars and demonstration activities are part of the educational accreditation of Agricultural Experts, Agronomists and Oenologists. The first seminar will be live streamed on Monday, Nov. 21, 2022 at 4 p .m.

Viticulture is one of the most relevant agricultural sectors in Italy. It is a heterogeneous sector, mostly made up of family farms that find it difficult to keep up to date, whose resources are limited, and yet they are also the most receptive to issues of sustainability and climate change, because they experience on their own skin the periods of prolonged drought, the constant rise in temperatures, and increasingly frequent floods. Wine growers are therefore experimenting, more than others, with innovative actions to pollute less, preserve their natural heritage, and to try to respond to the demands and tastes of a decidedly conscious and increasingly environmentally conscious consumer. But that is not enough.

There is a need to act programmatically with shared choices of cultivation and intervention, modern and technological, adopting virtuous practices in the vineyard and considering the centrality of efficient soil management, so that each winemaker in his or her own small way can preserve his or her quality production over the years.


The Biodivigna Project

And it is precisely in response to these needs that Distretto del Vino di Qualità dell'Oltrepò Pavese, an entity that celebrates 10 years of activity in 2022, in collaboration with the University of Milan, has planned 12 informative seminars accessible free of charge via streaming and in-person and 5 activities in the field, in the period from 2022 to 2024. The activities, of about 2h each, will be led by Professor Leonardo Valenti of the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences - Production, Land, Agroenergy, of the University of Milan and Pierluigi Donna, of Sata Studio Agronomico.

The information and demonstration action. The topics that make up these informational and demonstration activities range from "Viticulture, Wine and Sustainability in Consumer Perception: Global Warming, Carbon and Water Footprint" to "Sustainability in the Field, Resistant or Tolerant Grapes and the Resilience Concept"; from "Sustainability Certifications" to "Phytopathological Defense."

For each seminar, the video, short handouts outlining the content covered, and practical models for transferring the skills acquired into the daily running of the winery will be available online. On the other hand, there are 5 field activities, will be of a practical demonstrative nature, and will include soil surveys, examination of two sites for observation of multifunctional sowing; sensor surveys for vigor mapping; observation and control of disease spread; and, finally, a tasting of wines representative of different management forms marked by sustainable ways of managing the winery.

The first informative online live streaming seminar "Viticulture, Wine and Sustainability in Consumer Perception is scheduled for Nov. 21, 2022. The seminars and demonstration activities are part of the educational accreditation of Agricultural Technicians and Oenologists, with the recognition of 2 credits per event. The first seminar also participates in the Continuing Professional Education Program for Agronomists and Foresters for 0.25 CFP with reference to CONAF Regulation No. 3/2013.

Online informational seminars and materials will be available at active from October 2022, the only channel through which to request information and register via an application form and where the calendar of 2023 and 2024 events is published.

What is to be achieved and to whom it is addressed. The objectives of the Biodivigna course are multiple: To increase the skills of winegrowers and winegrowing technicians in order to transfer information and good habits; to introduce agronomic practices that are beneficial to farm operators and environmentally relevant to biodiversity; to rationalize the use of fertilizers and plant protection products to mitigate their impact on water and soil; to make people understand, through the integration of informative and demonstrative actions, gestures, manual skills and operational practices to manage the vineyard in a sustainable way; and, finally, to focus on the concept of circular economy to reduce costs and waste of resources.

Ambitious but realistic goals, if they are based on the determination for change and innovation of individuals-producers, winemakers, agronomists, agro-technicians-the target audience for the course-who understand how the informative and demonstrative opportunity offered by Distretto del Vino di qualità dell'Oltrepò Pavese is an opportunity to be seized, to understand and ensure the environmental and economic sustainability of each vineyard.


The voices of the protagonists

The president of Distretto del Vino di Qualità dell'Oltrepò Pavese, Fabiano Giorgi comments on the BIODIVIGNA Project as follows: "Before implementing it, we looked at the state of the art of viticulture in Oltrepò Pavese: 13,000 hectares under vine, 2,000 active wineries, small and family farms-4 percent already in organic but many working in an integrated way. Indeed, we all know by now that between the rows of vines it is no longer enough just to produce: quality and sustainability must be created. Innovations and new, more sustainable production methods must and can be transferred to winegrowers. This is a need that concerns, yes, Oltrepò Pavese, but also many other Italian wine territories. In fact, we are convinced that no biodiversity conservation policy can be carried out locally or in isolation, but must be the result of collective work: hence the idea of the Biodivigna project, which can also be accessed via streaming by everyone, Oltrepò Pavese and not."

Pierluigi Donna, agronomist, continues: "Among the topics selected for the informational seminars and demonstration actions, we reserved a central place for soil management. Indeed, the type of soil and its management have important effects on the quality and character of the wine and, in the long run, on the vineyard's profits. Winegrowers need reliable, fast and easy-to-use tools-such as the ones we intend to test within these informational seminars-to be able to assess soil conditions and sustainably manage their vineyard stock as the starting point of the entire supply chain."

Concludes Armando Colombi, head of the Project: "The Distretto del Vino di Qualità dell'Oltrepò Pavese and the University of Milan through the BIODIVIGNA Project realize a path aimed at contributing both to the development of rural areas and to innovation in the wine sector, focusing on interaction and dialogue between specialists, researchers, technicians, operators and entrepreneurs, facilitating the sharing of positive experiences."

Distretto del Vino di Qualità of Oltrepò Pavese
The Lead Entity of the BIODIVIGNA Project Biodiversity and Sustainability in the Vineyard.

Since 2012, Distretto del Vino di Qualità dell'Oltrepò Pavese has been bringing together a group of wineries in a cooperative society with the aim of enhancing the Oltrepò Pavese wine sector on the Italian and foreign markets, growing its value and induced activities, supporting the inescapable wine-territory combination and combining the agri-food theme with that of quality tourism, environmental protection, culture and local traditions. The District is a network of companies that has decided to work as a system, adopting common strategies and implementing synergistic actions, which are based on the deep experience of the territory by all members. The District's brand identifies shared and organized choices and high quality standards, also achieved through the adoption of strict internal rules.

Initiative carried out under the project "Biodiversity and Sustainability in the Vineyard, BIODIVIGNA", co-financed by operation 1.2.01 "Demonstration projects and information actions" of the Rural Development Program 2014 - 2020 of Regione Lombardia. Responsible for the project is Distretto del vino di qualità dell'Oltrepò Pavese, carried out in collaboration with the University of Milan.

The seminar calendar

This is the schedule of activities planned so far:
Nov. 21, 2022 4 p.m. (ON LINE) Viticulture, wine and sustainability in consumer perception - Global Warming, Carbon and Water Footprint


Jan. 16, 2023 (IN PRESENCE AT THE ECOMUSEUM HALL IN CANNETO PAVESE (PV) AND AVAILABLE ON LINE) Integrated, Organic and Biodynamic Management in Legislation, Perception and Management Reality:
elements of comparison between currents of thought


The list of seminars and demonstration activities is available as of October 30, 2022, at where calendars and materials related to individual seminars will be progressively updated.