The fourth dinner will feature wines from the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese paired with Roberto Conti's cuisine. On Tuesday, 13, the elegant hub of taste and gluttony opens to a new meeting, the fourteenth in the series initiated by Regione Lombardia and Ascovilo.

The review is titled Wines and Chefs of Lombardy: the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese and Chef Roberto Conti of Corner 58, Milan, put on a truly unmissable program. It begins with a masterclass (by invitation only), at 6:30 p.m., led by Ais sommelier Myriam Prencisvalle with Consorzio director Carlo Veronese, a journey through the appellations of Oltrepò for an in-depth tasting highlighting DOCG (OP Metodo Classico and Cruasè), Riesling and Pinot nero in red. Followed by Roberto Conti's cuisine celebrating the marriage of four dishes and four labels for a choral tale between tradition and innovation. An experience not to be missed.

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This fourth evening with the Denominations of Oltrepò Pavese is the last one dedicated to Consorzio oltrepadano.These have all been very successful evenings and dinners in a series of events that Identità Golose Milano has organized with Regione Lombardia and Ascovilo, the Association of Lombardy Wine Protection Consortia, to promote and enhance the wines, excellences and great chefs of the Lombard territories.

Writes about us (Oltrepò) and about him (chef Roberto Conti), Marialuisa Iannuzzi for Identità Golose Milano: A generous land, whose morphological characteristics allow for a varied production, therefore, perfect for marrying to every palate and to preparations of all kinds: its bubbles brighten, the mineral notes balance the most intense and decisive flavors, the body of Pinot nero warms, while the Moscato dell’Oltrepò gives a moment of authentic sweetness. All that we will find from plate to plate in the itinerary signed Corner 58, the Milanese sign that welcomes the technical and creative skill of chef Roberto Conti, the fruit of his experience and the actuality of his thinking.

Originally from Casselnovo (Pavia), born in 1983, Conti trained alongside such outstanding masters as Carlo Cracco, Andrea Berton, Luigi Taglienti, and Pietro Leemann: bread, rigor and discipline, and those teachings shaped his future. And, in fact, in 2018 his signature affixed to the menu at Trussardi alla Scala will lead him to a Michelin star.

liquid pizza

Chef Roberto Conti's liquid pizza entreé of the evening

Then, the turning point, or rather an enrichment of the path that originates from Conti 's passion for yeast products, and the shape of his future becomes that of a pizza. With a very clear intent in mind: to make one of the best pizzas in Milan, with Neapolitan dough - with a developed, but crispy cornicione; a blend of three types of Petra Molino Quaglia flours; no biga, no hydrolysis, but direct dough and more than 48 hours of leavening - paired, at the Corner, with a "spirited" cellar that boasts at least 25 references of French bubbles in line with the pizza+bubbles format.

"What I will present at Identità Golose Milano is a menu that speaks about me, that reflects my life and, in particular, my topicality that is Corner 58. That's why I decided to propose a path that interweaves cooking with my love for the world of yeast products."