Oltrepò Pavese honored in Rome, in the Sala Caduti di Nassirya, live from the Senate, with the Vinarius 2023 Prize, awarded by the Italian Wine Shop Association. This is a prestigious recognition of the Pavia Territory in the sign of a development oriented towards quality and sustainability, led by the wine sector and wine tourism

The Pavese Territory with its prestigious Oltrepò Pavese Denomination (6 Doc and one DOCG), is the winner of the ninth Vinarius award, given by theItalian Wine Shop Association, in the sign of a territorial development driven by the wine sector and wine tourism and oriented toward quality and sustainability.

The announcement was made live on TV on Rai, from the Senate, during a meeting-press conference held at Palazzo Madama, in Sala Caduti di Nassirya, in Rome, on Monday, January 16, in the presence of Vinarius President Andrea Terraneo, with Vice President of the Senate Gian Marco Centinaio, Pavia Chamber of Commerce extraordinary commissioner Giovanni Merlino, and the presidents of Consorzio Gilda Fugazza, Club del Buttafuoco Davide Calvi and District Fabiano Giorgi.

Every two years, Vinarius (Association of Italian Wine Shops) selects an Italian territory in which there is a strong wine vocation, a relevant agri-food basket, but also a great attention to issues related to environmental sustainability, enhancement of traditions, history and wine tourism reception.


Andrea Terraneo, Gian Marco Centinaio, Giovanni Merlino and Gilda Fugazza in Senate - Nassirya Room, January 16, 2023, Vinarius Award

Receiving this prestigious Award to the 'savoir-faire' of our territory," said Giovanni Merlino, "is a great honor, and it is a source of pride that it is awarded by companies that daily play the role of ambassadors of the territories through the story of wine as a factor of attractiveness and hospitality. The credit goes to our producers and all the businesses involved in an agricultural, manufacturing and commercial chain that sees its natural roots in Oltrepò Pavese. A great opportunity for local operators and for the associative and institutional entities that have the responsibility to work together so that the quality of dell’Oltrepò wines represents a brand for the entire territory of the province of Pavia.

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Andrea Terraneo: Oltrepò is an example

The Pavese Territory represents a true example of how the combination of wine and enotourism can become the key to help people discover a territory and its history, which is why we are not only happy to have awarded this prize," motivated Andrea Terraneo, president of Vinarius, " but we are also extremely honored to have it conferred inside the Senate building, a sign of how the wine sector is increasingly at the center of the dialogue between institutions and exponents of a truly driving sector in Italy.

It is a double pleasure for me to host this ceremony at Palazzo Madama," added Gian Marco Centinaio, " because it helps to open such a solemn place to those who work every day to enhance Italy's wine-growing heritage, but also because of the pride I feel in seeing my territory awarded. The convergence between the wine and food sector and the tourism sector can give a great boost to the economy of Pavia, as to that of many other areas of Italy, and this recognition is proof that you are already on the right path.

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Davide Calvi president of the Buttafuoco Historical Club and Gilda Fugazza president of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese

A Shared Award says Gilda Fugazza.

Thank you from our wonderful territory that aspires to be more and more sustainable, smiling and passionate, this is an award that honors us, said the president of the Consorzio Tutela vini Oltrepò Pavese Gilda Fugazza. Pavia's is an area rich in history, art, and culinary traditions and marked by entrepreneurial and artisan know-how, with about 58,000 businesses in the province. The Pavia wine sector fits into this panorama, which finds full expression through the wines DOC, DOCG dell’Oltrepò Pavese and IGP Provincia di Pavia. 13,269 hectares planted with vines, of which as many as 11,102 are registered in the various appellations, giving rise to quality wines that are representative of the territory and the passion of its producers. Peculiarities that make this viticultural area all to be discovered through the many wine tourism routes that make it a unique destination.

Great emotion for a very important recognition for Oltrepò Pavese," commented Davide Calvi, " for a sector that at this time is moving compactly, in synergy, to achieve maximum results. Kudos from Buttafuoco Storico to the Chamber of Commerce and the whole Territory for the excellent work done and available, together with Consorzio and the Wine District, to make the most of the result achieved.

WHO VINARIUS IS - Vinarius is the Association of Italian Wine Shops and represents more than 120 members (whose total turnover is close to 50 million euros) covering the entire country. The association, now chaired by Andrea Terraneo, was founded in 1981 and has as its social purpose the promotion, enhancement and protection of wine shops as businesses specializing in offering quality wine. The association deals with the training of wine shopkeepers, their collaborators and employees, professional updates, identifying and implementing a whole series of activities ranging from the organization of study trips to in-depth internships in the various places of production, actively participating in conferences, exhibitions, fairs, events of various kinds. Every two years Vinarius organizes and promotes the Vinarius Prize to the Territory, which has reached its Ninth Edition in 2020. It also maintains close and cordial relations with its two major French counterpart associations. It periodically surveys its members to monitor trends, consumer demands, and market trends.