The Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese is flying to the States to take part in Slow Food's Slow Wines international tour, which starts in San Francisco and arrives in New York, with five intense stops of tastings and meetings, in-depth masterclasses, and tasting booths to re-introduce itself to the always interesting U.S. market, a key destination for the wine business sector.

The Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese resumes its international activities and sets its sights on the 2023 edition of Slow Wine USA, organized by Slow Food Editore, which each year presents its updated guide reviewing more than 400 wineries. This year's tour includes stops in San Francisco (March 6, City Vieuw at Metreon), Seattle (March 7, Block 41), Dallas (March 9, Eataly Dallas), Miami (March 13, Rubell Museum) and New York (March 14, Eataly NCY Downtown).

The events planned in a tight schedule of tastings, masterclasses, walk around tastings, with experts and industry professionals working in America, meet the need for international promotion in a market considered fundamental for the global wine industry. The promotion is focused on the launch of the products that represent the identity DOC and the DOCG d'Oltrepò, the latter being the flagship with its Metodo Classico da Pinot nero, increasingly appreciated in Italy and abroad, with the awareness of an excellent level of quality achieved and acclaimed by the most important guides and also by recent qualified and demanding tasting events.

In the United States, the five stops aim to enhance and promote dell’Oltrepò Pavese appellation products from historic international and native grape varieties: these are appellations seeking international prominence on the strength of their growing success in recent years. More than 100 producers are selected by Slow Wine Guide in the Slow Wine Tour stops.

The Consorzio Oltrepò brings the following labels for tasting: Berté & Cordini, Bruno Verdi, Cà Di Frara, Cà Montebello, Calatroni, Cantine Montagna, Castello di Cigognola, Castello di Luzzano, Conte Vistarino, Cordero San Giorgio, Defilippi, Frecciarossa, Giorgi, La Travaglina, La Versa, Losito & Guarini, Manuelina, Quaquarini, Tenuta Mazzolino, Terre d'Oltrepò, Torti Eleganza del Vino and Vanzini.

The Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese is present at the 2023 edition of the Slow Wine Tour USA on all five stages with a large tasting counter and an in-depth masterclass dedicated to the Oltrepò Pavese appellation, which aims to raise awareness of the important level of quality achieved by the Metodo Classico DOCG and the other DOC, identifying a wine territory that is rapidly expanding and growing in economic value.

The 2023 activities of Consorzio officially began in Italy a few weeks ago with a very successful first event such as the one dedicated to Oltrepò terra di Pinot nero with AIS Milano, which drew 450 sommeliers and experts to the tasting ," says director Carlo Veronese, " an injection of confidence that bodes well on the eve of this new American tour, a market that is becoming more and more interesting, not least because it is attentive to the authentic story of wine, of those who make it, of the territory, and of the identity and typicality that the various wine-growing areas represent .

The world of wine, like the whole agri-food world is facing an economic, energy and climate crisis that certainly impacts on all activities and on the final effect of the supply chain and promotion, - says Veronese again - all the more reason to roll up our sleeves, attend the big events abroad where we have for some time now opened new channels with already positive effects and we must try, as Consorzio, to support those companies that can make the overall leap in quality, not only for the goodness of the product in the goblet, which is now widely acclaimed and now really concerns an important number of companies dell’Oltrepò, but also an organizational leap and sustainable development for many small companies that can aspire to become medium-sized and contribute decisively to the overall success and value of the Denominations. Only by bringing them onto the international radar can a decisive path for their future begin.

The Consorzio after the Slow Wine Tour will face the trips to Prowein, Dusseldorf with Ascovilo - Grana Padano, Verona Vinitaly, London Wine Fair, Vinoforum in Rome and is planning a series of activities dedicated to the restaurant and sommellerie sector both by bringing operators and opinion leaders to the territory dell’Oltrepò and by offering tastings in important squares such as Rome (FIS - Hilton Cavalieri), Ais Monza, Ais Sicilia.

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