Consorzio Oltrepò Pavese and De Agostini Publishing present: Wines and Lands of Italy, an unprecedented journey through the Italian territory under the banner of wine tourism. On the occasion of the 55th edition of the International Wine and Spirits Exhibition Vinitaly, the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese and De Agostini Publishing present the new De Agostini Publishing series dedicated to wine with wine itineraries, the history of consortia and protection bodies that preserve the product in the territory, with a journey under the banner of wine tourism through the most famous Italian wine lands.

Fascinating itineraries among magnificent landscapes, historic and innovative wineries, culture and art. Each book transforms the experience of learning more about the world of Italian wine into a true journey of discovery. Lots of useful information to learn more about the fascinating wine regions of our country, through interviews with producers and beautiful photos.

The volume dedicated to Bonarda DOC is an opportunity to enhance the territory, its history, its present and also its future, - says Gilda Fugazza president of Consorzio - through the smile of Bonarda, an entertainer wine, so defined by the new brand identity that we have proposed precisely at Vinitaly 2023, we propose the story of a land with many souls, for every target of consumer but with a strong character and identity personality.

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A land of valleys and hills, dotted with villages of considerable historical and artistic interest, Oltrepò Pavese has been talking about wine for two thousand years. Located at the crossroads of four regions, its most popular and iconic DOC is Bonarda, made primarily from Croatina, a grape variety indigenous to the area. This ruby-red wine, in its still and sparkling variants, is a highly appreciated enological excellence that is easy to pair with local gastronomic specialties and beyond. The De Agostini Publishing volume thus opens to a beautiful journey of wine culture.

The bi-weekly series consists of 80 issues of monographic hardcover volumes, with in-depth features devoted to territories and individual grape varieties, including magnificent landscapes, historic wineries, culture and art. There are four sections in each book: the first two dedicated to historic villages and the territory; the second to the Great Wine of the area and Author Wineries with extensive interviews with five representative producers of the territory, the wine's identity card to discover all its characteristics and the history of the consortia and protection bodies that preserve the territory's product. The series is available at newsstands or online at to take readers on a unique journey to discover Italian wine territories.

For more than a hundred years, De Agostini Publishing has been guiding enthusiasts around the world in the discovery of hobbies and interests and is an international leader in trade paperback collections. "With this series Vini e Terre d'Italia," says Barbara Schwartz, editorial director of De Agostini Publishing, " we intertwine the passionate tales of the producers with the discovery of the landscapes and villages that revolve around the vineyards. Quoting Luigi Veronelli, "to better understand a good wine, it is necessary to tell the story of the territory it comes from and the people who work there." What better occasion to be here at Vinitaly together with Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese to present this series that I am sure will enthuse many lovers of wine and our lands.