Starts a communication project between social, print and billboards also dynamic, which wants to conquer Milan but not only, proposing with new creative ideas, the values of a contemporary Doc , strong in its tradition and popularity, a DOC of Oltrepò Pavese

A major dedicated campaign has started these days, declined with an approach-social creativity and storytelling content, designed for its promotion, focus for one of the historical and contemporary Denominations dell’Oltrepò Pavese: the Bonarda DOC. The campaign designed, curated and planned by ASB\comunicazione is the result of a long project of study and identification of target and type of communication, a team effort coordinated by the director of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese Carlo Veronese together with the communication area and a group of producers, representing DOC, who shared information, study, positioning and creativity.

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The campaign, triggered on social, now conquers Milan and develops with its adv in the main daily and periodical newspapers selected to hit the shared target: "It acts mainly on two targets that, although anagraphically distant, are necessary to have a pervasiveness throughout the territory of Milan. - says Cristina Pasini partner of ASB\comunicazione - We are talking about men and women, in a range between 25 and 45; they consume for socialization, they are catalyzed by the communication around a product. They only know Bonarda tangentially. And we're talking about men and women, in a range from 45 and 65. This target audience drinks wine because they are interested in it (as a hobby, passion, or even just an appreciation of drinking well). They know Bonarda because it is a name that is part of their past vocabulary and they associate a concept of conviviality with it."

The concept of the promotional strategy goes "beyond the stereotype," and its communication plan will live through a launch campaign and widespread social - classic adv - influencer rebound action. The message key and driving element declined and used in all communication tools. It wants to hit the attention of the target consumer, speaking its language with clear, direct, unambiguous messages and with a thread of irony. It communicates and makes the #RedBolla red bubble a starting point for the media planning operation. The goal is to succeed in getting noticed among the pages of Italian magazines and newspapers with a print adv capable of creating awareness about "La Bonarda DOC". The media planning studied selects and identifies media based on content.

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In Milan, a true cross-age "city domination" is also being triggered these days, uniting the two target focuses and performing to both to win them over, with the branding of the streetcar line 14 "Il Sirietto" and the occupation of an urban space and transit places that captures passers-by from different targets. It is a communication strategy that wants to dynamically interact with the public by going to propose content that can vary depending on the time of day (and target audience).

Luca Borsoni, partner and art director of ASB\comunicazione explains that "The approval rating of these 'city domination' campaigns is very high, over 70 percent, among adults and Millennials. Theattention of Generation Z, albeit unstable and liquid, is still attracted by billboards, which continue to be a cornerstone of the relationship with a world of very young people that is increasingly interesting for brands."

The dynamic version of the Milan campaign touches the heart of the city: 15 km a day in downtown Milan for an entire month. Visible to all, from pedestrians to motorists in, outbound high traffic flow and transit (Central Station and Garibaldi), media posting on building facades in high impact business area (Duomo, Spadari, Torino and Colonne di San Lorenzo areas), fashion and residential area, in an area where cars and pedestrians pass by in shopping and culture locations.

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At the same time, an influencer campaign capable of conveying the narrative of Bonarda Doc in its everyday life will be shot. In a natural dimension. The target profile has these characteristics: Milan is at the center of his heart, he loves nature and does not disdain sporty moments out of town, he is the soul of the party and it is natural to find him among people, aperitivo is his favorite time of the week, apericena/dinner out: necessary combo with friends between drinks and food.

"This is a very innovative creative project," says the director of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese Carlo Veronese - the result of a very interesting teamwork that also allows us to understand the contemporary nature of this strongly popular and traditional product of ours, but also "definitely current" given the response that the campaign is already giving, for now on an empathetic level. Together with the focus we are carrying out on DOC and DOCG products from Pinot nero, with planned actions that weave together tours, events, tastings, incoming trade, opportunities for communication with the press and in-depth discussions with sector operators. I believe that an important action of visibility and promotion of the Denominations of the Territory is underway, thanks to the contribution to the activities of Masaf, Oltrepò Pavese is told with its peculiarities, but it is clear that these focus actions are an important reverberation for the other DOC and for the products of excellence that this land of wine knows how to give."