For the promotion of the DOCG and the DOC dell’Oltrepò Pavese. Put together a masterclass, an aperitif and a dinner in Tokyo and you have a great event with three storytelling and tasting moments that are as many opportunities to learn about or deepen your knowledge of the Denominations dell’Oltrepò Pavese.

It will happen in Japan, in a series of exclusive events, organized by Gambero Rosso International for Il Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese, for an intense action to promote Doc through the expressions of the Territory's wines with the interpretation of 12 wineries.

The Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese therefore starts again with its international activities: destination Japan, while in October it will fly to the United States for another promotional tour. In Tokyo, the location for tastings and meetings with the horeca world, distributors, trainers and journalists will be Etruschi Restaurant, at 3-15-12 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku. The designated day for the Discover Oltrepò Pavese Wines full immersion is Thursday, September 14, a very busy month for international and domestic promotional activities.

Etruschi Italian Restaurant

The location: an elegant restaurant in the relaxed atmosphere of the Omotesando district. Typical dishes: white truffle risotto, noodles with sakura shrimp and canola flowers, and beef cheek slowly cooked for 36 hours at low temperature with red wine sauce. Service is extremely professional and friendly, and the wine list is extremely rich. Attention to the smallest details ensures an experience of the highest quality. From a review by Gamberorosso International.

Japan key destination for Italian wine

In 2022, Japanese wine imports are back above the pre-Covid level by about 10 percent, showing a strong recovery over 2021 (+23 percent) to a value of €1.77 billion, achieved despite the 6 percent yen devaluation, which resulted in an increase in local currency spending slightly over 30 percent (and when measured against the 2019 level, about 24 percent higher)_ Source "The Wine Numbers." The Japanese continue to appreciate wine. Statistical data tell us that the Japanese drink mostly French wine, and mostly sparkling wines, thus Champagne (source UN Comtrade). Italy is the second largest exporter to Japan (France does five times better) but is slowly increasing its share.

It is a market and a world, the Japanese one, in which we are very much involved, says the director of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese, Carlo Veronese, who adds, "In unsuspected times, during the difficult months due to the stop of in-person promotions because of Covid, we started a communication project intended to sow culture of our appellations in Japan. Thus was born the Consorzio website in the language (, and many companies began to take this destination seriously. After the success of last year's event, again with the Gamberorosso, we decided to take advantage of this new opportunity, among other things dedicated exclusively to our appellations, in an ideal location, knowing that we have opened an effective avenue of constructive cultural connections.

Concludes Carlo Veronese: We are preparing to bring to the tasting all the "characters" of our Doc and our DOCG that is the flagship of this new expedition, knowing that the special storytelling of wines from historic and/or indigenous grape varieties that have a natural storytelling behind them will be appreciated once again, we will also try to make the story of the beauty of our territory come through the excellences that will be served in the glasses of Tokyo .

The wineries that have joined with their wines for tasting are all present in the Japanese market and are: Bertè & Cordini, Cà di Frara, Cà Montebello, Castello di Luzzano, Cordero San Giorgio, Frecciarossa, Isimbarda, La Genisia, La Travaglina, La Versa, Losito & Guarini, Tenuta Travaglino.

The activity is part of a campaign funded under EU Reg. No. 1308/2013.

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The program
Discover Oltrepò Wines
September 14, 2023
Etruschi Restaurant - Tokyo

03:30-05:00 PM | MASTERCLASS

05:15-6:15 PM | APERITIF

06:30-08.30 PM | DINNER