The Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting, held today, Wednesday 28 February 2024, at the Sala Gallini of the Riccagioia Foundation, in Torrazza Coste (PV), after an initial greeting by the president Gilda Fugazza, resolved on the items on the agenda, approving the 2023 Financial Statements and the report of the Board of Directors on the activities carried out and the report of the Board of Statutory Auditors.

It was then the turn of the examination and approval of the 2024 Budget. The Assembly decided to keep the erga omnes contributions relating to the protected designations unchanged.  The Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors were then renewed for the next three-year period 2024/2026.

The new Board of Directors is composed of:
Winegrowers category: Cristian Calatroni (Calatroni di Calatroni Cristian), Caterina Cordero (Cordero SSA), Camillo Dal Verme (Az.Agr. Dal Verme Camillo e Filippo SS), Luigi Gatti (Legoratta), Daniele Passerini (Molino di Rovescala), Valeria Radici Odero (Frecciarossa Srl Società Agricola), Paolo Verdi (Az.Agr. Verdi, Paolo).
Winemakers category: Antonio Achilli (Az. Agr. Manuelina SSA), Massimo Barbieri (Torrevilla Vit. Associati Soc. Coop Agr), Umberto Callegari (Terre d'Oltrepò Scapa), Fabiano Giorgi (Giorgi Srl), Ottavia Giorgi Vimercati di Vistarino (Conte Vistarino SS), Roberto Lechiancole (Prime Alture Srl), Francesca Seralvo (Agricola Mazzolino Srl).
Bottlers category: Luca Bellani (Az. Agr. Cà di Frara), Quirico Decordi (Vinicola Decordi del Borgo Imperiale Cortesole SPA), Federico Defilippi (Agricola De Filippi Fabbio), Renato Guarini (Losito e Guarini Srl), Paolo Tealdi (Castello del Poggio Sarl), Pier Paolo Vanzini (Az. Vitivinicola Vanzini Sas), Valeria Vercesi (Soc. Agricola Vercesi Nando e Maurizio SS).

The Board of Statutory Auditors for the next three years will be composed as follows: Vittorino Orione (Chairman), Elena Cavallotti and Giovanni Giorgi.

Among the technical points proposed to the Shareholders' Meeting, also as a sign of continuity and coherence on the reorganization and innovation plan carried out so far by the Board of Directors chaired by Gilda Fugazza, the proposal to request a Regione Lombardia to activate a traceability system for IGT, a practice that guarantees greater protection on the packaging of the Geographical Indication of the Province of Pavia.

Gilda Fugazza, who chaired the Assembly, said: I am pleased that this House has understood the importance of the technical request that will be brought forward in this House. Regione Lombardia. I consider it a success of this outgoing Board of Directors, which I thank for the work we have done together so far, and I hope that in the future too the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese continues on the only path that can be pursued for the success and value of our world of wine, that of seriousness, sustainability, including economic sustainability, respect for the rules, enhancement and protection of the Denominations.

The Press Release in PDF here