To make the most of the area’s food and wine offerings comes the Oltrepò festival a weekend of widespread events in the winery. The event is in its first edition in the charming wine-growing region of dell’Oltrepò Pavese, where the Oltrepò Festival will live out its widespread event celebrating the authenticity and food and wine richness of the area. Sponsored by the CONSORZIO TUTELA vini OLTREPÒ and the Enoteca Regionale della Lombardia, the Festival will be held on May 25 and 26, transforming the entire area into a stage for unique experiences.

The Oltrepò Festival is a widespread event, similar to the Franciacorta Festival model, involving several localities and operators in the area. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore wineries, restaurants, and scenic and cultural sights while participating in a variety of activities ranging from wine tastings to memorable dinners in the vineyard, DJ sets at sunset, e-bike or quad bike tours, and moments of pure relaxation in nature.

During the festival, guests will be able to participate in various events such as winery tours and tastings: discovering the secrets of winemaking and savoring the distinctive wines of dell’Oltrepò; dinners in the vineyard: enjoying gastronomic experiences at sunset among the rows; thematic itineraries: exploring the area through dedicated routes, allowing visitors to personalize their experience; and unique experiences: taking part in a pilates session, a picnic with futurologist Massimo Canducci or sun observation.

To participate in Oltrepò Festival events, it is necessary to book in advance, choosing events directly by accessing the platform. Specific details and how to book are available within the individual events on the festival’s official website, allowing interested parties to better plan their ideal weekend.

“As a child, my father used to take me to Oltrepò to buy a demijohn of Croatina, which he then bottled. Now dell’Oltrepò has grown a lot in terms of quality, and I am proud to have been able to organize the first Festival here, with the active help of the Consorzio, the Enoteca Regionale and especially the many wineries that have enthusiastically joined the initiative,” says Marco Ottolini, creator of the initiative and founder of WineLovers (

“The dell’Oltrepò area offers, in addition to breathtaking landscapes, unique wines and products, which for the first time we were able to combine into a series of experiences to be enjoyed in the round in one weekend, in collaboration with most of the Oltrepò wineries,” commented Paolo Pedrazzi, administrator of DigitalVisions/Oltrepop, co-organizer of the Festival and technical manager of the platform. FestivalOltrepò represents an exceptional opportunity to experience and discover the excellence of dell’Oltrepò Pavese, one of the richest and most varied wine and landscape regions in Italy.