Membership List

Membership List

A territory that also shows up on digital paper. Here is the map that is being built stage by stage of a Territory that is also developing digitally and with e-commerce. The geo-referenced member companies notified on the dedicated page of the Consorzio’s official website are shown on the map.

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Headquarters Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese

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Companies with E-commerce sales platform

Member list with E-commerce platform

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Full member list Consorzio Tutela Oltrepò Pavese

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Via Riccagioia, 48 27050 Torrazza Coste (PV) Lombardy Italy

ph.+39 0383 77028

Acknowledgements and sources

Photo: Ersaf / Regione Lombardia Archives, CONSORZIO TUTELA vini OLTREPÒ Archives, Alessandro Anglisani, Mario Didier, Luciana Rota.

Bibliography: I vini dell’Oltrepò Pavese, by Adriano Ravegnani, publisher Mazzotta (1974), Storie e vini dell’Oltrepò by Mario Maffi and Lorenzo Nosvelli, Edo editions (2008), Edizioni Bibenda, Vino al vino by Mario Soldati, publisher Mondadori (2006), Signori del vino by Marcello Masi and Rocco Tolfa, by Rai Libri (2016).

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